Jul 282009
Loot to Scoot: Strange Secrets to Save Travel Money

One of the chief reasons some people curse / hurl soda cans at folks who travel extensively is the assumption that travel cost Megabuck$ unattainable by the average lad or lass. While sometimes this is true, peruse the following list of both obvious and startling get-richer schemes and consider: the money for your big trip may be closer than you think. 1. Car Shmar. A recent study just came out that one saves [...Read More!]
Jul 272009
Reactions to a RTW Trip, or: Shaddap!What happens when you tell someone you’re going to take the next eight or more months traveling around the world?  Spin the wheel of reactions… where will it land?  A. Denial:  “You’re not really going and we will not ever talk about this again because it hurts my head.  How’s your pizza?”

B. Collaboration-Excitement:  “That’s awesome!  Maybe one thing you could think to make your trip better is ___… And I know this person in [...Read More!]
Jul 262009
A major goal of mine during this trip is to create written pieces that are both useful and interesting to an audience of: friends, family, former students, former coworkers and their current students, and possible rich and famous publishers.  To that end, I would so appreciate any suggestions or requests that you have for blog topics.   The most recent 3 entries were entirely born from the topic suggestion of several helpful [...Read More!]
Jul 262009
Why Each Destination?Before New Years, I knew I was going to take the coming year off to travel, but the plan at the time was to live in Barcelona, Spain (simply because I heard it was fabulous).  Over New Years, however, I met a large group of traveling women who raved about how fabulous all these different countries around the world were.  A “ding!” sound went off in my head, and I realized [...Read More!]
Jul 262009
How the RTW Ticket was Born, or: How You, too, Can Finagle an STA Deal!    Being commitment-terrified, I planned initially to do this Round the World stint through last-minute-purchased one-way legs along the way. Stumbling, sunburned, at 11pm to a travel agency in Cambodia to purchase a trip to Iran the next day? Perfect. Thus, on the recommendation of my sweet brother, I opened the homepage for STA Travel (a student/teacher discount hub), trolling for one way tickets from Boston to Bangkok. (See subsequent post [...Read More!]
Jul 262009
Intro: WHY Around the World?Testing, testing, tap-tap-tap… Thus begins my first full blown Mama-Kahuna BLOG! The reason: After 6 years teaching high school English in Boston Public Schools (more on this wonderful time later), I have saved enough dough for a year of ROUND THE WORLD, baby!

Why the heck am I doing something my mother said she’d “no more desire to do than build a raft out of toothpicks and sail across the Atlantic”? Well. [...Read More!]
Jul 262009
The Missions of This Blog

Who is this site for? This is a travel blog for people of all ages who are curious what it’s like to travel around the world, through Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas, and one’s own home (in my case, Boston!). This site has stories of things that I’ve seen and experienced during travel (some of them crazy), and also features specific advice for how to make your travel dreams [...Read More!]