Aug 012009
Woo hoo! Off we fly!

Woo hoo! Off we fly!

Here’s everywhere I’ve been so far! Click on a place to see all the articles about it.

Countries Visited Prior to the 2009 Launch of this BlogMexico, Peru, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Cuba (!), Brazil, Aruba, St. Lucia, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Canada.

JAPAN (8/15/09): Tokyo -> Osaka -> Kyoto ->

THAILAND (8/24/09): Bangkok -> Phuket -> Ko Samui -> Ko Phan gan -> Ko Tao -> Bangkok ->

CAMBODIA (9/23/09): Siem Reap -> Phnom Penh -> Sihanoukville ->

VIETNAM (9/30/09): Ho Chi Minh City -> Mui Ne -> Dalat -> Central Highlands -> Nha Trang -> Hoi An -> Hue -> Halong Bay -> Hanoi ->

LAOS (10/29/09): Vientiane-> Vang Vieng -> Luang Prabang-> Two-Day Mekong Riverboat! ->

THAILAND (11/14/09): Chiang Rai-> Chiang Mai-> Bangkok-> Ko Phi Phi-> Ko Lanta -> Bangkok->

ITALY (12/26/09): Rome-> Florence-> Milan->

GERMANY (1/3/10): Munich->

GHANA VOLUNTEERING (1/4/10): Accra-> Aburi -> Dalive ->  Cape Coast -> Sogakope -> Aflao -> Accra ->

PORTUGAL (3/31/10):
Porto -> Coimbra -> Sintra – > Lisbon ->

SPAIN (4/6/10): Madrid -> Barcelona -> Madrid -> Granada -> Cordoba -> Valencia -> Benidorm -> Alcoi -> Elche -> Alicante -> Morella -> Valencia -> Madrid ->

U.S.A (5/15/10): Boston -> New York -> Philadelphia -> Cincinnati -> Boston  -> D.C. -> Florida -> Bahamas Cruise -> Cleveland -> Boston (current home!) ->

CHINA (8/8/11): Beijing -> Jinshanling Great Wall -> Overnight Train -> Chongqing -> Yunyang -> Shanghai -> Suzhou ->

SPAIN Teacher Training Tour (12/28/11): Madrid -> Toledo ->

CHINA TRAVEL WITH 42 STUDENTS (2/16/12): Beijing -> Badaling Section of Great Wall ->

GREECE Teacher Curriculum Tour (4/14/12): Athens -> Arachova -> Delphi -> Olympia -> Nafplio -> Athens ->

WEDDING WORLD (7/21/12): Engagement -> Money-Saving Wedding Planning -> Makeup Trial -> Epic Wedding -> Not Changing Name After Marriage -> Reality TV Wedding Show ->  

BELIZE HONEYMOON (7/23/12): Belize City -> San Pedro, Ambergris Caye -> Caye Caulker -> San Ignacio -> Xunantunich Mayan Ruins -> Placencia -> 

NEW ENGLAND (10/8/12): New Hampshire -> The Berkshires -> Rhode Island -> Vermont -> Cape Cod 

INDIA (12/21/12): London Layover -> New Delhi -> Old Delhi -> Jaipur -> Agra ->

PREGNANCY WORLD (2/25/13): Revealing Pregnancy -> Babymoon

CANADA (6/21/13): Toronto for TBEX Travel Blogger Conference

HAWAII (8/1/13): Kona -> Hilo

BABY WORLD (11/13 Onward!): Birth Announcement -> New Parent World –> Travel With Baby –>

MARTHA’S VINEYARD (4/14): Edgartown -> Oak Bluffs -> Alpaca Farm! -> 

PUERTO RICO (7/14): San Juan -> Arecibo -> Rincon -> El Yunque Rainforest -> 

IRELAND (2/15): Bunratty -> Cliffs of Moher -> Barna -> Westport -> Limerick -> Cong ->

TURKEY (5/15): Istanbul -> Kusadasi -> Ephesus ->

QUEBEC (7/15): Montreal -> Mont Tremblant -> Quebec City ->

FINGER LAKES, NY (8/15): Watkins Glen -> Corning -> Vineyards ->

PREGNANCY WORLD II (9/3): Pregnancy Announcement! -> Central MA ->

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (10/15): Dubai -> Abu Dhabi ->

Coming Next: Aruba? Florida? Martinique?


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  25 Responses to “A List of Every Place I’ve Traveled To, Updated Often!”

  1. I love to travel the world. You are making me excited!

  2. Have you been to or any tips or accommodation suggestions in Dubrovnik and/or anywhere in Montenegro?
    You should also check out Vieques in PR -it was our favorite.

  3. What a wonderful blog you have. I just found it today and am enjoying reading it very much.

    May I please say that my husband and I recently visited Bora Bora to celebrate our Twentieth Wedding Anniversary and it was such an amazingly beautiful place. Truly Paradise on earth. I hope that you and your family may be able to visit there one day. It is astoundingly beautiful.

  4. Oh my! Ms. Marshall you have been to so many places. So many of the places you mentioned stand out to me, but the one that stands out to me the most is Spain because I am studying Spain now. I’ve also always wanted to go to Spain I plan on going there one day!

  5. Wow, you have been to so many places! But my favorite is probably Germany because I have just recently gone and have friends there. Although I would really like to visit a place I have not been to, like Laos. I have not heard of it and I find the article about it very interesting. I did not know that monks went to a temple at 5am.

  6. What you said about Cuba stood out to me because I didn’t know that it was illegal to travel there. I thought that it was also really cool that you went to Japan. I have heard that it is a fashionable place!

  7. Wow! Where are you planning on going next?

  8. I love your blog, I love your articles…. It’s quite an accomplishment having been so many places. I hope that I in good time will see half the places you’ve seen!

    – Have you never been to Denmark? 🙂

    • Thanks so much! In fact I’ve never been to Denmark, but my “little” brother is headed there this summer!

    • Well, then tell him to go see Tivoli and Christiania 😉

  9. Hey, what do you have against the other side of the Mississippi? 😉

    • Good question! In fact I HAVE been to many U.S. states but they are not included in this list, as they are within the “U.S.” umbrella and were visited before 2009. Where do you suggest I go??

  10. I’ve traveled about 2 different places my whole life. Compared to you, that’s not a lot.

  11. Is it really illegal to visit Cuba? If so then why?

    • Yes, it’s illegal because our governments have been in conflict for years and years (Capitalist versus Communist). That said, relations are thawing and it’s becoming “less illegal” to visit. Soon travel will likely fully open up between our countries, and at that point Cuba will see HUGE changes because it’s a rare country that has not been directly affected by the U.S.!

    • I remember reading an article in Playboy (of all places) on Cuba, and…. I forgot the gist of the story, but the writer listed information on how Americans can visit Cuba. If I remember correctly, the writer told those who would be going through customs at the airport in Havana not to have their passport stamped.

    • Er, I wouldn’t know aaaaanything about that… 🙂 *cough, cough*

  12. W.E.W! Amazing trip (life) you had (have)!

  13. Ms. Marshall, you’ve been to so many places that I wanted to go to such as Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and many more. I hope you had a lot of fun while you were visiting so many different countries.

  14. Karen Whittal said…
    If you every get to South Africa let me know I can give you some tips……..

    April 11, 2010 8:07 PM

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