Aug 022009
Climbing upward in fame, like this hill in Spain!

Climbing upward in fame, like this hill in Spain!

It’s exciting to be in the news!

Below is a list of articles on other fabulous sites by and about me.

Feel free to contact me through the “Lillie” background page for more information.

  • Video interview for NY1 TV News: “TBEX Travel Blog conference,” alongside such luminaries as Don George, Johnny Jet, and Spud Hilton!


Presentations, Panels, and Workshops:

  • 3 Social Media For Good workshops for Mass Literacy, followed by a private social media consultation for the company, 2013
  • Social Media for Educators workshop at Gates Foundation ECET2 2013 conference
  • Blog Better Boston Conference panelist: Social Media for Bloggers, 2012
  • Workshop how to travel the world, cheaply at New Boston Hostel, 2012
  • Workshop on technology for educators alongside Eric Qualman at EF Tours’ Global Education Conference, 2013
  • Do contact me at WorldLillie at Gmail if you’re interested in booking me for workshops or conferences.

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