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Teaching in Ghana

The YCC student team in Ghana preparing for the UK exchange

We need your help!

In exactly two months, an amazing group of Ghanaian students and teachers from Youth Creating Change of Ghana is scheduled to leave their county for the first time.  For three weeks this August, these hard-working Ghanaians will study and present in the United Kingdom for the return half of a remarkable educational exchange.  That is… if we can raise the funds!

“This Cross-Culture exchange is the best programme I have experienced in my whole life,” writes Ghanaian student Nelson in his article about the first half of the exchange.  Can we help make the second half a reality?

Here is the summary of what’s going on and why you should care:

Cross Culture Group

The lovely ladies of YCC Ghana's Cross-Culture Group!

1. Youth Creating Change of Ghana was founded in Sogakope, Ghana, six years ago, and since then has made a tremendous, ongoing, positive impact on the local community through its educational initiatives.  I was privileged to have been able to volunteer teach at YCC for three months in early 2010 and was bowled over by the awesomeness of the students and staff.

2. One of YCC Ghana’s main educational programs is its Cross-Culture group.  Thanks to the work of this group, in 2009, a delegation of youth from Kingston, United Kingdom arrived in Ghana and spent three life-changing weeks learning and living with the Youth Creating Change students and teachers.  Since that summer, the “MAP: Commonwealth Youth Exchange” between YCC and Kingston Youth Services has been passionately studying, planning, and fundraising to make the return half of the exchange, Ghana to Britain, a reality.

3. I cannot express to you how hard these YCC students and teachers work and how much they deserve this international opportunity.  In addition to their normal school classes and home responsibilities, YCC’s Cross-Culture group attends a two to three hour Cross-Culture Class (pictured above) EVERY SATURDAY MORNING, with an additional one hour class every Monday.  The commitment and focus of YCC’s students and staff astounds and inspires.  And across the ocean, Youth Services of Kingston is working just as hard to make this dream come true!

Thank you from YCC of Ghana

Thank you in advance for any support you can contribute!

4. Fundraising and obtaining all the necessary documents has been an immense challenge for the families of YCC Ghana.  Through sheer force of will and deep sacrifices, every student and staff member in YCC’s Cross-Culture group has at last obtained a passport.

5. The final remaining hurdle is this: funding the student visas and immunizations.  If, this week, we can raise a few hundred dollars, it will be an immense help to the struggling families of YCC.  If we can raise even more, we will make this dream completely possible, and in the process, change the lives of a truly wonderful, deserving group of fellow humans.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: On the right side of this blog is a button that says “Donate,” which allows a secure Paypal transaction right to my fundraising account.  At the end of this week, I will send my personal financial contribution to Youth Creating Change of Ghana, along with whatever additional donations from kind readers like you that I receive.  Please do pass this article around so we can get even more potential supporters.  Every little bit helps, and so I thank you in advance for anything you can give to assist this amazing project!


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  13 Responses to “Help Great Ghanaian Students Visit Britain!”

  1. I’m positive this article will get people helping out.

  2. It’s cool that they can travel and get a better education.

  3. This is such an inspiring article. I hope these students are doing well and have gotten to go to the United Kingdom. It’s just amazing how they’ve worked so hard to get an opportunity like this. They truly deserve it. I just wished that I could’ve donated but I don’t really have the funds for it. ๐·°(৹˃̵﹏˂̵৹)°·๐ ┻━┻ミ\(≧ロ≦\)

  4. I think that it is amazing that the YCC is making it possible for these kids to go around the world for a good education! This is such an inspiring message to leave for everyone. Thank you, Ms. Marshall for writing this inspirational piece!

  5. ( I hope they did)**

  6. That is so cool…
    did they get to go to Britain( i hope they did )

    • THEY DID!!!!!! After a TON of hard work and fundraising, they went!!! The articles about the trip are coming soon!!!

    • This article is very interesting and I am happy that they end up going to Britain after all! This made me think a little bit about the book, “Three Cups of Tea”. I thought about this, because of the fundraising for school and education for children. Overall this is a very inspiring article!

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  8. Hi Madam Lillie,
    I want to say a very big THANKS for doing your possible
    to raise money for our trip. Last years project was indeed a
    wonderful one were i learned a lot which i believe will last with
    me for ever. There are indeed so many differences in our cultures
    We are at the moment doing our possible best to make this trip
    real. I am working so hard with the cross culture group because it
    is my dream to be in London. I cannot wait to see my friends!!
    I just want to thank all those who have contribute for our trip and may
    God bless them all.
    Harry xx

  9. Hi Lillie
    Thanks so much for publicising our project and raising money as well as helping YCC! We’ve been working on the project for two years now and it really has been an amazing experience. Going to Ghana and teaching was incredible (as you know!) and I can’t wait for YCC to have a chance to experience life and education in the UK. I know they’ll be shocked by the differences! Our project really is unique – there are so many that allow young people in the West to volunteer in developing countries, but so few that give the young people in these countries to pay a return visit. Our partners in Youth Creating Change are incredibly hard-working, often putting us to shame, and I can’t think of anyone who deserves an opportunity to travel to another country more. We have already learnt so much from each other, and although there are some huge differences (our delicate stomachs were too fragile for spicy Ghanaian dishes and YCC thought our delicious fish and chips was tasteless and bland!), I know there is so much potential for further learning, so I hope people will donate to our project. I think education across countries and cultures is vital for success in a globalised world, and I hope that this project ensures both YCC and Kingston MAP will go on to great things!
    Thanks and sorry about the ridiculously long comment
    16 year old member of Making Adventure Possible

  10. Hi,
    My name is Darius and I am one of the young people involved in this once in a life-time exchange project.
    I am from London, and I witnessed a unique journey to Ghana last August.
    During my trip, I learnt an enormous amount about a culture which is ever so different to Britain, but most importantly I learnt more about myself as an individual and this has enabled me to further grow and develop and truly become something great. I can only stress how important it is that the Ghanaian young people embark on this truly once in a lifetime trip to Britain. During my three-week stay in Ghana, I grew very fond of the country, its people and culture, I began to build long-lasting friendships and contacs that will remain in tact for ever. I cannot begin to stress enough how much of an ‘opportunity’ this would be for YCC to travel to Britain this August and I hope you will donate kindly to a worthwhile cause that is contributing to changing the young minds of today and developing minds of tomorow. I hope to continue working with YCC, well into my student and adult years, and I look forward to meeting YCC once again in August. God Bless. x

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