Oct 312010
Weird Warping of Big Holidays During Extended Travel

It hit me as I was proctoring Study Hall this past Friday, gazing at the sea of sweet Boston students clad as: Lady Gaga, a bumble bee, a red M&M, and a giant Teletubby.

I suddenly realized I had absolutely no memory of what I did for Halloween, 2009.

I racked my brain.  My Vietnam visa ran out at the end of October, 2009, so I was likely in Laos on October 31. [...Read More!]

Oct 292010
On Mafia Wars Addiction, or: How Blogging Saved Me

Confession: I used to be a Mafia Wars addict.  Like… a REALLY bad Mafia Wars addict.

For those who are blissfully unaware, Mafia Wars is a game through the Zynga platform on Facebook which involves clicking buttons over and over (and over) again to “Do Jobs” and perform “Hits” against other players in order to gain loot and status.  It’s brainless.  It’s utterly enjoyable.  It’s magnetically addictive.

In 2009, before I left America [...Read More!]

Oct 252010
The Un-Sexiest Building in Boston

It’s not pretty.  And, yes, we make fun of it all the time. Normally I stand up for such outcasts in life, but in the case of this ugly brick-ling, I’m with the bullies: “Ew.”

Boston City Hall: not even being guilded in gold like your State House sister would help you.

Online research about City Hall is sending me into gales of laughter.

Here are some gems of knowedge from Wikipedia:

Boston City Hall, [...Read More!]
Oct 222010
My New Second Website: TeachingTraveling.com

The happiness of teaching and traveling…

I have just given birth again!

After the successful first year of this delightful, pudgy baby, AroundTheWorldL.com, passion has once again led to creation: my shiny new second site, TeachingTraveling.com!

Allow me to answer some preemptive Frequently Asked Questions about this birth:

Q: What is the difference between AroundTheWorldL.com and TeachingTraveling.com?

A: AroundtheWorldL.com is about me (and students with whom I work closely), following my journeys around the world [...Read More!]

Oct 152010
Losing Weight: Another Perk of Long-Term Travel

We often think that embarking on long-term travel will cause everything in our lives to deteriorate, from our safety to our waistlines.

Having almost been blown up back home in Boston this week, however, I assure you that’s not the case.

For nine straight months of travel, I was perfectly safe on rickety Southeast Asian buses, in creaky Ghanaian hotels, and on the streets of notoriously mugger-friendly Southern Spain.

And yet, in month one [...Read More!]

Oct 122010
Of Boston Harbor Boat Cruises and Beauty

If you are headed to Boston, or if you’ve lived in Boston for a while but are a lazy landlubber, get thy dry butt to the water, pronto!

Boston’s infamous harbor has now evolved to be inspiring.

On land, the Harbor boasts a gorgeous, sculpture-filled “Harbor Walk” which is so long and exciting that it makes for a great field trip or date.  But the real thrill begins when you hop aboard a [...Read More!]

Oct 072010
The Cheapest Birthday Gift You'll Ever Give?

Today is my 29th birthday!  Yay!

Want to give a gift?  Help me further expand the readership of this website, which has now cracked the Top 50 mark of the TravelBlogSites.com independent travel blog rankings at #47!

Here are options for how to give this gift:

1. Simply read and comment on an article (or three) among the 400+ on this site!  I’ve put a ton [...Read More!]

Oct 052010
Flying a 4-Person Plane Over New Hampshire!

My friend Colin told me he had a surprise activity for Sunday, and, like a fool, I thought it would be something tame like a stroll through the woods, or a tranquil boat ride.  In retrospect, how naive I was!

The car was chugging North to New Hampshire when Colin turned towards me.

“I probably should tell you now what the activity is,” he said.

My innocent eyes were sparkling with youthful excitement.  “Oh [...Read More!]

Oct 022010
The Sexiest Buildings in Boston: Part 4

I will make you a $1 bet based on 28 years of experience.

If you are strolling with a new-to-Boston buddy, the moment you point to the Massachusetts State House dome and explain: “That dome is coated with real gold!” your companion will INEVITABLY spout out some version of the following:

“Let’s go scrape that gold off now and sell it for a million bucks!”

Perhaps you think I’m a daredevil for wagering money [...Read More!]