Nov 032010

Can you correctly/creatively name the thingamajig in this photo?

Hello pretty people!

So maybe this here “challenge” will be ridiculously easy for you all, or maybe it will take years for the correct answer to be guessed…

…but the simple fact is that I have just graded 300 hunks of paper (one essay test and one term paper from each of my 150 students) over the course of seven long days, and now everything is a bit hazy and swirly…

…so, dagnabbit, I demand now to reward myself for all that focus by finally finding an excuse to use a photo I took a few months back in Boston which I think is pretty.

There’s no story that goes with this photo… just a challenge.  And the challenge is this: What is this photo of?

First Prize goes to the first correct respondent, and First Prize Part Two goes to the most creative (yet student-appropriate) interpretation!

Take it away, pumpkins.


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  25 Responses to “Mystery Glittery Photo Challenge!”

  1. defiantly a close up of the eye ball from Predator in NYC (there is a reflection of a man juggling 4 flaming sharknado’s in his underwear in time square)

  2. Well, first I thought it was a diamond, but after looking more closely it is a black car headlight.

  3. I think the picture is a headlight of a car.

  4. I think it is a headlight of a black car. I’m not sure what car it is, though.

  5. When I first looked at this picture on your homepage, it took my quite a while to figure it out. At first, i thought it was a shiny diamond, and when I glanced at the photo once more, I literally slapped myself for being so dense! Of Course it’s the headlight of a black car. lol 😛

  6. It looks like a cars headlight, and it kind looks like its reflecting something.

  7. Is the photo of a car’s headlight?

  8. This is a cars headlight reflecting the image of the city street it is on….a nice shot I may add.

  9. It is a car headlight or one of those shiny china things and it is looking off of the ceiling

  10. This is a picture of a headlight at night.

  11. Thispicture is a tun off healight, with reflective car lights on the glass…
    And I also agree with you, this is beautiful.

  12. This is a picture of a headlight on a car.

  13. I think the picture is of a headlight of an alien space ship.

  14. Woo hoo! Great participation! And the winner is… VICTORIA, with the first complete, perfect answer! The winner of the Creative prize goes to… KELA! Now I’m staring at the photo trying to see the cruise ship! The winner of funniest goes to SHANTAL!

    Thanks, all, for your answers, and the competition is still open to see really amazing, magical, or ridiculous things in this photo 🙂

  15. Ms.Marshall, I was just wondering if you really think it would take anyone that much time to figure this out. It’s obviously the headlight on a car. Unless I’m wrong then we’ll just forget I said anything at all about this. I’m going to not make a fool of myself and go any farther with this topic.

  16. It is obviously a head light of a car if not then it’s a bat. Use common sense!

  17. That is a car in downtown. It also looks like it was raining during that time. It looks awesome.

  18. This is a rear view mirror on the side of a car!

  19. This is a picture of a car headlight, reflecting the radiant lights of a busy, yet beautiful, city. 🙂

  20. Your photo is of a pretty, sparkling headlight.

  21. sigh* ive been looking at this picture for about 20min now. It is beginning to annoy me lol. at first i thought it was a cruise ship in the night, but it cant be. the silver part on top is throwing me off. UGH. i have no idea

  22. A headlight on a car…I’m not even going to try guessing what kind though!

  23. The answer must be in a complete sentence with flawless editing! 🙂

  24. right headlight of a car!

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