Jan 062011
This prize feels more precious than Thailand's Grand Palace!

This prize feels more precious than Bangkok's Grand Palace!

Before we left on winter vacation, I forced all my students here in Boston to write Appreciation Cards.  We defined an “Appreciation Card” as a letter (decorated nicely) telling someone why you appreciate and admire them.

The power of such a card is massive!  We think people around us know how much we care about them and why, but how often do we actually say it? In fact, our loved ones may not realize the extent of our love at all!  That is… until we take the time to really explain and give thanks.

Today I’m giddy with happiness because I just received an equivalent to an Appreciation Card: I won first prize in the contest for Top Travel Blogging Diva of 2010!!!!

The award is cooler than a baby leopard and tiger!

The award is cooler than a baby leopard and tiger in Thailand!

The Travel Blogging Diva contest has been raging for the past few weeks on the awesome travel blog, 1000fights.com, run by Luci and Mike: a married couple who are always traveling, always fighting, and always delightful.

The prize came with a really lovely write-up about my travels, teaching, and two websites, which you can read by clicking here.

Now, in full disclosure, one reason I won is because I threatened to beat up anyone who didn’t vote for me.  But that aside, this award still makes me really happy.  Why?  Because I have put so much love and time into www.AroundTheWorldL.com and www.TeachingTraveling.com, and sometimes I get a little… well… sad when the daily viewer stats aren’t skyrocketing each day as I want them to be!

Giving appreciation can open magical gates, like the Grand Palace!

Giving appreciation can open magical gates, like the Grand Palace!

Bottom line: I am a strong, confident woman… but receiving appreciation like this contest still has a lovely impact, and feels great!

Now for your homework: Take the time today to tell at least one person in your life the specific ways you admire and thank them.  Report back with the results of your words!  You may be pleasantly surprised at your power to create happiness and connection.

Click here for the article on Thailand’s Grand Palace, or here for the article on the baby leopard!


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  20 Responses to “On Being Voted Top Travel Blogging Diva of 2010!”

  1. Congrats Ms.Mashall! You really desever this award. I also love your photo of the Grand Palace gates!

  2. Did you really went to Bangkok last Christmas vacation? That’s so lucky. I was stuck home. Ms. Marshall, I didn’t give the Appreciation Card to the friend I was writing to. But on the interviews we did for homework last night and tonight, I actually knew that I made her feel bad a lot of times and I didn’t realize it. On the bright side that now I know, I said sorry to her and promise won’t do it again.


  3. :O You got to hold a Lepord, that’s cool! You write so much I’d be surprised if they gave this award to anyone else, congrats.

  4. Congrats on winning the award! You did a good job!

  5. Congratulations! Well done Lillie! 🙂

  6. I wouldn’t expect anybody elese to win the Top Travel Blogging Diva Contest of 2010 expect you Ms.Marshall. Keep at it and great job.

  7. Congratulations! I knew you’d win it 🙂 (late response shows you how for I am behind in my RSS reading).

  8. Statistics do show that when you express gratitude daily, you recieve thanks in return.

  9. Well done! Congrats Lillie!

  10. Congrats! That must have been a great Christmas Present for you!

  11. YAY Congratulations 🙂

  12. Congratulations!

    And what a great homework assignment. If everyone thanked the people they appreciate even a little bit more, the world would be a much happier place.

  13. Congrats again! You are so deserving. You are truly everywoman!

    Happy Travels,

    Mike and Luci

  14. Congratulations Ms. Marshall! It must be an amazing experience to receive first place on the Top Travel Blogging Diva Contest of 2010!!!

    • Thanks, Alissa! I am, indeed, excited 🙂 Now your challenge is to do the homework assigned at the end of this article, in addition to the sonnet reflection! I’ll ask you about the results of your appreciation discussion tomorrow. Good luck!

  15. Fantastic. Well done Lillie. You done good 🙂

    • Thanks, Rob! Readers, this man is a real hero: Without ever having met me, he answered my cry for help on Twitter last May when I was doing the arduous process of importing my Blogger blog into this WordPress one, and he g-chatted me with instructions on how to solve my computer craziness… for hours, for days on end. Rob, some of the Diva prize goes to you in thanks!

  16. Don’t worry Lil…I voted for you because you’re awesome! Not because I was afraid of a black eye 🙂

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