Jan 132011

There’s at least one moment every few days when I think to myself: “Teaching really is the best career in the world.” Sometimes this thought is spurred on when a student finally understands a concept.  Other days it’s activated by the zing of a vibrant classroom discussion.  Sometimes it comes from the intellectual buzz of making a tough text like Shakespeare accessible.  But, in the case of this week… my teacher euphoria came from our DOUBLE SNOW DAY off from school!

Before diving into grading and planning today (yes, we still work during days off, but it’s a lot cozier in PJs), I couldn’t resist taking a walk around the neighborhood to capture the beauty of icy Boston.  Come walk with me and check it out!  Click each thumbnail to enlarge the photo.


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  22 Responses to “Sparkling Photos from our Double Snow Day in Boston”

  1. I loved that double day snow day. The first day I went snowboardig at Pats peak. Then the second day I made 100$ shoveling. I like the pictures.

  2. I remember that day it looked so nice but it was horrible to walk through

  3. The pictures are amazing.Bud I’d have to disagree with the people that said they love Boston, because the weather is so confusing. But I guess the landscape and places are historic and beautiful.

  4. This is one of the reasons why I am in love with Boston. It has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. I am from the south so snow is a stranger this is indeed beautiful to see. I totally agree that there are those moments or days when we teachers realize that we are in on a secret that has somehow gone undetected by the rest of the world…the job of teaching. It truly is the best career in the world. Your student is correct, you do make the articles come alive. I can’t wait to get there. Great pictures.

  5. Great job taking those pictures. They look very professional. I use to be BLA’s photographer, maybe you can give me a few tips.

  6. I love all the pictures you took. They all look really beautiful, especially the one with the caption, “Look up to beauty!” because I love the color of the sky and I think it matches really well with the snow on the tree branches.

  7. Oh! Those pictures look so pretty! I think the way you named the pictures is adorable!

  8. These pictures are very amazing. I especially loves the picture “A fire escape icicle chandelier.” Good photography skill Ms. Marshall.

  9. I like the icicle pictures. I believe this is downtown and I like the alien antennae picture of a car’s wipers.

  10. I am so used to the winter surroundings that I do not really take a second look at them. I will on friday if there is no school though.

  11. Oh Gosh ! All the pictures look amamzing ! I bet you had fun taking those pictures, Ms. Marshall 😀

  12. The pictures are really pretty! I also enjoyed having two days off, but honestly, I dislike snow. It’s beautiful and all… but only when I’m looking at it through the windows of my warm, heated home. I had to shovel during the first snow day ( I believe it was a Wednesday). I’ve never shoveled in my life! I’m still sore from that heavy two feet of snow on every inch of my LONG driveway!

  13. Just beautiful. Your titles are the literary icing on these cakes! 🙂 Too bad for us in NY, where we had the snow, but not the snow day!

  14. Ms. Marshall, what I like about the way you teach is you seem like you actually enjoy yourself while you’re teaching. And, you put a lot of enthusiasm into lessons that other English teachers would make boring. It’s good to know that some teachers actually do enjoy teaching. Some teachers just like to complain about their students. You have such a creative imagination! The captions fit the pictures so perfectly. The vanilla cakes one was clever. Was the Hancock building picture near the Mass. Ave. train station? Because when I take the orange line I see scenery that looks somewhat like your picture. The icicle chandelier picture was absolutely stunning! What kind of camera do you have?

    • Thanks, Genesis! And you are a great student 🙂 To answer your question, the Hancock building picture (and all the pictures in fact) were taken between the Back Bay stop and the Tufts Medical stop on the Orange Line. The camera I use is a Cannon Powershot, purchased in 2009. It’s served me well!

  15. Hi Ms. Marshall,
    Wow! It’s so pretty! Did you actually took those pictures?


  16. Love the ice chandelier pic. And the captions. Nice!

  17. Nice pictures. It’s a winter wonderland!

  18. Wow. Great pics Lillie! I love the snow!

  19. Great photos…I felt like I was taking a walk right there with you!

  20. It’s so beautiful! All this chat on FB and Twitter about the snow days is making me jealous to cozy up in my PJs with some tea next to the window and the fireplace! Best of both worlds! 🙂

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