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Teacher-Travelers at Teaching Traveling Night!

Teacher-Travelers at Teaching Traveling Night on 3/31/11!

Sometimes we nearly faint from despair, thinking, “I can never travel, because I don’t have enough time, or money, or opportunities!” …But that’s simply not true!

On March 31, 2011, in glorious Boston, I coordinated Teaching Traveling Inspiration Night, which aimed to help more teachers fulfill their travel dreams, thus transforming our world’s educational system through renewed energy, resources, and connections. Over 100 participants learned that night a whole new set of ways to see the world.

Now, even if you’re not a teacher, if you dream of travel, check out the following handout from Teaching Traveling Night, which is a broad overview of the gabillion permutations to actually create and act upon your travel dreams. If you are ever feeling stuck about how to get your rear onto a plane seat, take a breath of excitement and browse through these:

100 DIFFERENT WAYS TO TRAVEL! (Which ones appeal to YOU?)

Aspiring Teacher-Travelers gather handouts!

Aspiring Teacher-Travelers gather travel resource handouts!


A.) Time frame:

  • Short-Term (Long weekend, 1 or 2 week vacation, Summer vacation)
  • Long Term (“Career-Break” Travel for several months or longer)

B.) Level of Structure:

  • Structured tour package (EF Tours, GEEO, GAP Adventures, STA Travel Packages, etc.)
  • Structured small volunteer group (Limitless Horizons Ixil Guatemala, Mariposa DR Foundation, etc.)
  • Structured Teach Abroad placement service (WorldTeach, Reach to Teach, GO!Overseas, Fulbright Exchange, etc.)
  • Get funded to put together your own program (Fund for Teachers, etc.)
  • Put it together yourself! (Meet Plan Go, Couchsurfing.org, Guidebooks, Net research, local classes or volunteer opportunities, following other tourists, STA flights, Facebook/Twitter friends of friends.)
Over 100 people came to Boston Teaching Traveling Night!

Over 100 people came to Boston Teaching Traveling Night!

C.) Who With?

  • Alone (though you always meet people along the way!)
  • With family
  • With a friend or five
  • With a group of coworkers or folks in the same field
  • With students

D.) Activities:

  • Tourism/Leisure (sightseeing, tours, relaxing on a beach or in the mountains!)
  • Volunteering (teaching, environmental help, consulting, etc.)
  • Taking Classes (foreign language, TEFL certification, massage, yoga, university…)
  • Working (teaching English, food service, Au Pair, writing, odd jobs, etc.)
Attendees won prizes! Supplies and $50 travel vouchers!

Attendees won prizes! Supplies and $50 travel vouchers!

E.) Location:

  • On the tourist trail (many foreigners around)
  • Off the tourist trail (mostly locals around)
  • Big city
  • Medium-sized town
  • Small town/Rural Village
  • Mountains
  • Sea-side
  • Lake or river-side
  • Inland
Wonderful Teaching Traveling Night attendees!

Wonderful Teaching Traveling Night attendees.

  • Hot, tropical climate
  • Temperate climate
  • Colder climate

F.) Housing:

  • Hotel
  • Volunteer/worker communal house
  • Homestay
  • Couchsurfing
  • Budget Hostel
Hooray for making travel dreams come true!

Hooray for making travel dreams come true!

  • House rental or swap
  • Tent, etc…

G.) Money Spent:

  • Splurge
  • Medium Price
  • Budget Travel (which can be luxurious, too, honestly!)

So do you see now? The travel world is your oyster! Whatever you dream about connecting with the world, it CAN be achieved.

What are your thoughts now, after reading this giant list? Which permutations have you already tried, and which do you now want to try? What else would you like to add? We eagerly await your comments.


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  17 Responses to “100 Different Ways to Finally Start Traveling!”

  1. I love this article! Thanks for giving a beginner somewhere to begin. I really dream of travelling all over, teaching and learning from teachers and students across the globe. I then want to come back to the states so I can set up programs to send other eager educators to the same places, so they can create their own experiences to bring back to their stateside classrooms. Any suggestions, tips, or thoughts for me…anyone?

    • Thanks so much for reading and commenting, and glad this resonated! My other site, http://www.TeachingTraveling.com has hundreds of stories of teacher-travelers like yourself, and how they combined their passions. Feel free to browse around over there and connect with those interviewees. Best of luck!

  2. I think what you are doing here is an excellent idea. It gives teachers a chance to spread their knowledge to students all over the world.

  3. I am one of those people who dream of traveling my whole life. Its something I have to accomplish in life, and this article really brought some ideas into mind. I am also reaaly looking forward to the trip to China.

  4. This is my favorite article so far! It sounds amazing how you’re actually reaching out and networking with other trying to help them experience, what you have. You are a great public speaker and I bet if you got an offer just to do this type of job, you’d be phenomenal doing it!

  5. In the first paragraph you stated the word “time” twice. I like how teachers get to travel for free.

  6. Great Article! I love the fact that you listed the ways you could be able travel even though people think it’s impossible at first. Your meeting had helped these teachers realize that don’t give up, and pursuing your dreams can be possible. Thanks to the help of your meeting teachers can now be able to travel and come back telling their students about what they learned and all the different insights of where they traveled to. Way to go Ms. Mashall for inspiring to follow their dreams!!:D

  7. After reading this article teaching seems like a very possible option for me in the future to pursue. This article makes teaching feel special and looks like a terrific thing to do.

    • HOORAY!!! YES!!!!!!!! More people need to realize what a fantastic job teaching is! 🙂 And you would be a totally wonderful teacher.

  8. I love the format of this article. I like how it’s a list. It makes it more interesting to read for me. Ever since you’ve became my teacher, I’ve thought about traveling a lot. I’d love to travel with a close friend around the world. It would be amazing! I’d be thrilled to go to Japan one day. Just the thought of it makes me so excited :]

  9. Some people dream about traveling the world their whole life. This meeting conference was a great idea because it could help these teachers manage their time and money to travel. I understand that many people don’t have the time and money, but this is what the meeting was for! Fantastic!

  10. Anyone who reads this article probably has second thoughts about traveling! I now know that your traveling dreams can be accomplished and it is not as hard as you think! Keep inspiring people Ms. Marshall! 😀

  11. You are probably making so many people happy now that they know what they can do! It seems like a great program! It seems like it would be a lot of fun though.

  12. Maaaaann, now I wish that I could be a teacher! This seems like an amazing opportunity to those who teach about the world but can’t explore it! You’re awesome for making dreams come true 🙂

  13. I think you helping to provide opportunites for many other teachers to travel is so great, Ms. Marshall. I would love to travell like you! Keep on inspiring others! 🙂

  14. The story behind the awesomely bright Ghana dress I wore for Teaching Traveling Night: http://www.aroundtheworldl.com/2010/02/03/how-to-get-a-custom-made-dress-for-15/

    The full Teaching Traveling Night program of Panelists and Partner organizations: http://www.TeachingTraveling.com/2011/04/11/teaching-traveling-nights-amazing-panelists-and-partners/

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