Nov 202011
The gorgeous Christian Science Plaza of Boston.

The gorgeous Christian Science Plaza of Boston: Reflecting pool, dome, magical lights... Ah!

Since my thrilling recent marriage proposal in the Boston Public Garden, I’ve been alert to other romantic spots around Boston. Aaaaand… the winner for #1 most romantic architectural area in Boston is easy: the Christian Science Plaza by the Symphony stop on the Green Line!

Whatever your views may be on Christian Science as a belief system, the Christian Science Plaza will make you happy. Its 14-acre spread of seven diverse and wonderful buildings features a long, smooth reflecting pool, and is a visual and emotional feast to stroll through. Go in the day and see the smooth white dome kissing the cobalt blue sky, or come at night when the golden-lit arches flicker along the water of the reflecting pool.

The Christian Science Plaza is lovely in daytime or night time.

The Christian Science Plaza is lovely in daytime or night.

Inside the Mary Baker Eddy Library building in the Plaza, you can even walk through the world! With the Mapparium, you step inside a 28-foot in diameter globe map of the earth. This experience is fabulous… unless, as I was one memorable afternoon, you are inside that echo-filled orb with 15 screaming ninth graders. Just saying.

For all the intriguing things inside the buildings that make up the Christian Science World Headquarters, however, the outside plaza is the biggest gift to Boston. Are you near the Boston area and have a free hour? Stroll through the Christian Science Plaza today and feel the romance!

Boston-lovers, what stories and thoughts do YOU have about the Christian Science Plaza?


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  19 Responses to “The Most Romantic Architecture in Boston to Walk By”

  1. Added to my must see spots in Boston. I’ve seen many photos of it but have yet to go.

  2. I live near there and once when my mother and I was walking to Whole Foods Market, we saw a little sailboat. It was sailing and it was so cute but it had no sense of direction. 😛 Also the Prudential stop is closer than the Symphony stop to get there. ^.^ Anyways, what is the globe like?

  3. I am going to try to make it there on my next school vacation. There is so much history in Boston and most Bostonians do not take advantage of it.

  4. I think that it is a wonderful place to go to. I also think that Colin and you should go there for a day.

  5. The architecture of the library looks like one of those ancient roman buildings. It looks incredible! The problem is that I only been there once. It is a unique building.

  6. This is an amazing place. I have NEVER been here before. Well, maybe I did & I just don’t remember. But, I’ll love to go. Since I do go out alot in the Summer. I will have to check this place out. 🙂

  7. The Christian Science Plaza looks gorgeous but the word “science” ruined it for me. I’m not that into Science.

    • It actually has very little to do with science. Look it up! And also– just because you don’t like the topic surrounding a building, it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the pretty architecture for free!

    • That’s true. It is really beautiful AND FREE.

  8. The Christian Science Plaza looks really cool and ancient, because of its dome. I think I should visit the Christian Science Plaza someday!

  9. I would love to go see what it looks like in person! Knowing you’ve seen so many things in the world I would have to take your word on this. I’m going to tell my family about this, and maybe one day when we have time we can check it out. That way I can tell you about my journey!

  10. I can see why it is the most romantic architecture in Boston, it seems so beautiful! I would love to go there some day!

    • It’s right on the T and several bus lines! Get permission from your family to go check it out with some friends, or take your family with you!

  11. I love that place! I remember in 4th grade, my class was on a field trip and we stayed there to eat lunch. It was pretty fun, and I love the place where there are sprinklers. It’s so fun to play there, especially in the summer! 🙂

  12. I’ve been to the Christian science plaza it’s fun to run in the sprinklers.

  13. Gorgeous building…I have been all over this great country, and have never spent any real time in Boston…I gotta change that…

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