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How did this scene from a store in Greece happen? Read on.

How did this scene from a store in Greece happen? Read on.

If you’re totally baffled by the title of this article, just read on.

Research suggests that in marriage, men need a room of their own to do Man Things. This sanctuary is often referred to by the term: “Man-Cave.” A Man-Cave is the sanctuary in a shared home in which a man can be a MAN, and the lady of the house stays out.

In our house, my fiancé has a Man-Cave, and we both enjoy its presence greatly. When Colin needs some alone time (as all humans do), he retreats to his manly womb. When I have lady friends over and we want to gossip and giggle, I politely say: “Um, can you go in the Man-Cave, fiancé?” rendering the rest of the house a Woman Zone, and keeping us all happy.

Now, decor is very important in a Man-Cave. Every element must exude testosterone. When we were moving in and sorting the books on the shelves, I asked, “Which books should go where?” and Colin instructed: “All the MANLY books go in the Man-Cave!” And they did.

The eager store owner in Arachova, Greece, showing his furs.

The eager store owner in Arachova, Greece, showing his furs.

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention recently that the Man-Cave needs more decor. “My Man-Cave needs more swords!” declared Colin last week before I left him for nine days to travel to Greece, “or at least an animal skin or two!”

And thus I had that line ringing in my ears yesterday in Arachova, Greece, when my teacher tour friends and I entered a FUR AND SKIN store. “Should I buy Colin an animal skin rug as he hinted?” I pondered. But this raised some awfully tough quandaries:

  • Is it permissible for a woman to buy decor for a man-cave? It seems paradoxical to the point of impossibility.
  • Is a dead goat skin worth $100? (Likely not.)
Tiny dead foxes that bite your wall: Just what a Man-Cave needs!

Tiny dead foxes that bite your wall: Just what a Man-Cave needs!

I was paralyzed with perplexity. And then, blessedly, I remembered the words of my former coach, Joel. Whenever a problem arose, Joel would calmly state: “Well, what there is to do is: ___” and fill in a proactive solution. Joel is an action-oriented man, and life improves thanks to his advice.

So I thought of Joel while gazing at the piles and piles of dead animal skins and furs, and filled in the sentence as follows:

“I don’t know whether or not to buy a dead goat part for my vegetarian fiancé’s Man-Cave! So… well, what there is to do is…” (I thought about it heartily for a moment) “…put on the fire-engine red, ridiculously fluffy animal fur vest hanging on that rack, then pose for ridiculous photos with the animal skins!”

And so I did, the glorious result of which you see in the lead photo to this article.

Dearest fiancé, the decor of your Man-Cave shall rest in your hands alone.


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  40 Responses to “In Greece, Can I Buy Man-Cave Decor for a Vegetarian?”

  1. In our home my husband has his space and decorates as he wants to. But I have to remind him once in a while it is time to clean it. I also have my private space. that has kept us married for 51 years.

  2. I thought what you did was a good idea, but I thought you should have gotten a sword for Colin. I am rather fond of swords.

  3. Wow! So much fur from different animals. I love fur. This place is awesome! I probably can survive in Antarctica with all this fur.

  4. Well, personally, I feel that a “Man-Cave” belongs to the man, and anything he chooses to put in it should be his choice alone…not to say that women shouldn’t have their own “Womb-Rooms” for themselves when they need to relax also! But what type of Man Things do men do? I have a feeling that my question will, possibly, never be answered and I will have to face the mystery. o.O

  5. The people in Greece are very artistic and crazy. They seem to come up with the weirdest things I have ever seen in my life, but it seems cool.

  6. Wow, it looks like people from Greece are really great with art and designs. What kind cloths did they use in Greece?

  7. I don’t think that a vegetarian should have a dead animal parts in their “man cave”!

  8. I think hanging dead animals on your wall is quite cruel! I agree with your decision to not buy the skins was smart. Plus it would take up lots of luggage space.

  9. If I saw all those dead animal skins I would pass out. To me, that is so wrong how they kill dead animals and SELL their skins! What if that was the same with humans. What if they killed humans and sold their skins? Though my opinion doesn’t really count I believe that they shouldn’t do that but it is what it is and I cannot change that.

  10. I feel so bad for all of the animals that had to be killed. I think that you should buy swords for Colin’s man cave. My dad has a man cave but he only has a television.

  11. I would like to have a man cave. It sounds like a great idea!

  12. I would not like to have lots of dead animal skin in my room. I wouldn’t even want one piece of dead animal skin in my room. The skin just freaks me out, even more when it still has the head on it.

  13. I agree with Colin! Buy swords for his man-cave!

  14. I wish I had a “Man-Cave”! There is sometimes when I need alone time but I can’t do that because of my annoying little brother and sister.

  15. In the first picture you look like a mannequin wearing the coat!

  16. I love faux fur but, when it comes down to real fur i wont even touch it. D’:

  17. There are is a lot of dead animal in that store. I would not want to go in that store but I think you should have bought him the rug. 😀

  18. That’s crazy! I would definitely be terrified to go into that store. How do they get the animals fur to be a certain color? Do they dye it? Haha, because I don’t recall ever seeing a red goat. (:

  19. Wow! I’ve touched a dead fox before and it was weird. Did you touch the foxes?

  20. They actually sell fur in shops? The only place where I ever saw true animal fur was in the animal fur coat section of Macy’s. 🙂 I kind of want an animal fur rug for my room so I can sit on it and read. 😀

  21. That is a lot of fur that they take away from animals. I feel bad for them. The products they make them in, look sort of weird looking.

  22. I feel bad for all the animals. 🙁

  23. I would not want dead animal skin in my room or my house for that matter. I would be creeped out while passing by them in the dark. I’d mistake them for a real animal and get scared.

  24. I guess Greece is the place to shop for “manly” items that belong in a man cave. The foxes are cute but I can’t help thinking about the poor dead animal fur…is it real?

  25. In answer to your quandaries:

    (from an authority on the subject, namely the actual owner of the Man-Cave in question)

    1. A woman can buy accoutrements for a Man-Cave only if the man has approved and sanctioned the item(s), or ordered the woman to purchase them (politely, using “please” and “thank you”).

    2. Few rules apply in a Man-Cave. The space-time continuum itself has been known to bend to the will of a powerful man in his cave. Therefore, if a vegetarian man wants dead animals in his Man-Cave, there are no rules to stop him unless he makes them up.

    3. No.

  26. ‘man cave’ that sounds good. but the question still stands the vegetarian’s law in that regard, i love the place is a nice one.

  27. Lack of a man cave while traveling is one of life’s great tragedies facing the male gender while traveling.

  28. The foxes are cute! I’m loving how confident you look in the first picture.

    • It is easy to be confident when you’re wearing bright red fur and standing atop a pile of goat skins in Greece. 🙂

  29. we have a ‘man cave’ in our house but it always turns into the family ‘movie room’.. nothing wrong with that (as far as i see it!)

  30. Omg! The furs looks so cool, and picture of little fox fur looks so cute. You are so lucky to be going to Greece.

  31. I’d rather have a live goat for my man-cave. Good luck with getting that on the plane.

    • Good point! 🙂 That would be even more manly than a skin. You know, we pass by a ton of them in the road every day…

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