May 282012
Graffiti is All Over Greece. Is it by Artists or Vandals?

There is so much graffiti in Greece, we even saw graffiti on the PLANTS growing up the Acropolis in Athens.

Throughout our Greece Teacher Tour, we’d exclaim, “Look at that graffiti over there, and there… and THERE! So terrible. Why do they allow it?”

How jarring it is to have an idealized vision of a country (you know, Greek gods in flowing togas striding around a pristine Athens and handing out free Ambrosia)… then arrive [...Read More!]

May 202012
The Blues Brothers at the Parthenon of Athens, Greece

“I’m not leaving the Acropolis until we get a photo with those Blues Brothers!” I declared to my companions from our Greece Teacher Tour.

We were standing next to the 2,500-year-old Parthenon (the “Most Perfect Building Ever Created”) under the radiant sun in Athens… but I couldn’t take my eyes off of the five men dressed in spiffy black suits who were milling around like typical tourists.

“Why do you think they’re wearing [...Read More!]

May 142012
The Fashion and Meaning of Greek Men in Skirts Dancing

Traditional Greek dance consists of men in fluffy white skirts spinning and jumping. And it’s great!

On our last day in beautiful Nafplio, Greece, our Greece teacher travel tour nestled into a golden-lit family restaurant for a traditional dance performance. Hoo boy!

While the two female Greek dancers maintained a stately dignity throughout, the male dancer duo went wild. Did the fluffy white skirts bring out their inner male dancing beasts???

UP went the arms of the [...Read More!]

May 072012
Heavenly Orange Picking With Kittens in Nafplio, Greece

Just when our teacher tour thought Nafplio, Greece couldn’t get any more gorgeous and charming, the owner of our hill-top hotel invited us to go orange picking in his private orchard!

We decided to get our hands on those oranges on our last morning in Nafplio, as a heavenly pit-stop on our bus travel back to Athens.

Walk with me now as we pull into the orchard, climb off the bus, scamper past [...Read More!]

May 052012
Nafplio: The Most Lovely Town We Traveled to in Greece

“Why are we staying longer in Nafplio than in the other towns in Greece?” we on the Greece Teacher Travel Tour asked our guide, Mara.

Mara smiled knowingly. “You will understand once we arrive,” she replied.

Oh, we soon understood all right. Pictures do far, far more justice to Nafplio than words, so restrain yourself from licking the screen as I walk you through the hills, oceanside, and delicious architecture of this stunning Greek [...Read More!]