Apr 182013
What is this astounding Vermont food???

What is this astounding Vermont food???

Aching for fresh air and a tranquil place to do our piles of grading outside of Boston, Colin and I spent this week in the beautiful New England state of Vermont. We picked the town of Brattleboro for its proximity to hiking, Boston, and… FOOD.

The mystery food from a side view...

The mystery food from a side view…

What was the highlight of our culinary pillage of Brattleboro, Vermont? Without a doubt, the highlight was the mystery food you see pictured before you. It was so mysterious, and yet so delicious!

Yum! So delicious!

Yum… What a food!

We first spotted this mystery food at a cafe called Blue Moose in one of the three streets that makes up Brattleboro’s petite “downtown.”

“What IS that???” I asked the cashier ravenously, pointing to the glass case that held the desserts.

Cross-section of the food...

A cross-section view of the food…

The cashier smiled with wise weariness. “That,” he declared, “is a Brookie.”

“A WHAT?” I asked.

“A Brookie,” the teen clarified, adjusting his apron. “A brownie with a cookie baked inside.”

Yummm, delicious!

Yummm, delicious!

“A BROWNIE WITH A COOKIE BAKED INSIDE?!” I screamed. “I’ll take it!”

Colin and I then spent the next hour hiking up a mountain called Wantastiquet in order to eat (and do a photo shoot with) the Brookie while soaking up a mountaintop view. The Brookie was exceedingly heavy to lug, and I forced Colin to carry it after the first five minutes.

And just like that, it was more than half gone!

And just like that, it was more than half gone.

But it was worth it! When we at last reached the summit, we unwrapped the precious Brookie and (after taking tons of photos of it, which was pretty much torture for my starving husband) devoured it. YUM! Thanks, Brattleboro, for introducing us to this most unique and scrumptious food.

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  14 Responses to “Can You Guess This Odd and Delicious Vermont Food?”

  1. A brookie is deserving of such hilarity. So well done.

  2. That sounds soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo delicious!

  3. A brookie!! Of course! Definitely adding this to the list of tasty treats to try!

  4. i can’t blv you shared. next time, get 2. lol!

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. I’m drooling!

  6. Is it possibly a blondie/brownie/cookie hybird? Because Vermonters do love their hybrids.

  7. Well done for waiting until you reached the top of the mountain. I fear mine might not have made it out of the shop without a little sample being taken

  8. I’ve had one of these. Wonderful!

    • Yum! Did you have it in the same place, or another location? I’m trying to figure out where else in the world I can find and eat them…

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