Jul 222013
Rockin' out my baby bump on a beautiful windy beach of Cape Cod!

Rockin’ out my baby bump on a beautiful windy beach of Cape Cod.

I’ve lived in Massachusetts most of my life, but never spent more than two days on world-famous Cape Cod. Foolish me! At last, this month I spent a heavenly week in Wellfleet (near the tip of the Cape) in a rented house with family. So was a classic Cape Cod summer vacation worth it? YES! Here are six reasons why.

Lobster rolls, chips, coleslaw, and sun. What more could you want?

Lobster rolls, chips, coleslaw, and sun. What more could you want?

1. The food. Lobster rolls! Fresh seafood! Even some hippie, healthy food! We enjoyed cooking in our rental house with fresh local produce, as well as dining out at a range of yummy restaurants. My baby bump got noticeably bigger in just seven days due to delicious nutrition… and lots of ice cream. 🙂

2. Relaxation in the air. The moment we got onto the “arm” of the Cape, I felt ease and happiness permeate. The roads are small, protected forests and natural seashores abound, and the slow pace is like honey. Even a workaholic like me is able to lean back and soak it in!

Eating watermelon with my "little" brother in a beached boat by Cape Cod greenery.

Eating watermelon with my “little” brother in a beached boat by Cape Cod greenery.

3. Nice, varied housing options. If you book far enough in advance, you can rent from a vast price range of houses or hotels on the Cape… and even a hostel! Renting a large house and stuffing it with family and friends is particularly affordable and fun.

4. Manageable traffic. We were terrified of the notorious Cape Cod traffic (July 4 weekend there was a 8-hour traffic jam for a drive that should take 1 hour), but the summer week we were there, we hit hardly a snarl on the road. Moreover, the fast ferry from Boston to Provincetown is never delayed, and that takes just 1.5 hours. Finally, there is a useful public bus, meaning you shouldn’t have to be tied to your car.

My "little" brother disguised as a lobster. For a laugh, look to the lower right of the menu...

My “little” brother disguised as a lobster. For a laugh, look to the lower right of the menu…

5. Numerous luscious swimming options. I knew about the famous Cape Cod ocean beaches, but didn’t anticipate the caliber of the Cape’s natural swimming ponds. The house we rented was minutes away from six different warm, clear swimming lakes, and we took full advantage. Even the ocean was warm enough to linger in, which is a shocking fact in New England!

6. Abounding arts. As an artist, myself, it’s delightful to be in a land with as many crafts shops as Cape Cod. Artists are celebrated there, and many call the Cape their home. Performing arts also flourish on Cape Cod, and in a slightly more lowbrow version, there is also a drive-in theater in Wellfleet! (When we attended, I felt like I should leap up, grease my hair, and do some 50s dance numbers…)

Lush greenery and comfy chairs at our Cape Cod rental house.

Lush greenery and comfy chairs at our Cape Cod rental house with my husband.

There you have a few reasons we loved Cape Cod. It more than lived up to the hype!

Have YOU been to the Cape? If so, what was your experience? If you haven’t been, why not, and do you hope to? Do share!

Dunes, sunset, and endless ocean. Love it!

Dunes, sunset, family, and endless ocean. Love it!


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  15 Responses to “Is a Cape Cod Vacation Worth It? 6 Reasons Why…”

  1. Wow, you are a family of really tall people 🙂

    You are 6 ft, hubby and “little” brother are much taller, I will be curious.. how tall the “L” Jr will be when he is born.

    You guys are really great in Blogging.. I do see an Anthony Bourdain sort of documentary coming soon 🙂

  2. It’s sad when all it takes is an awesome picture of a lobster roll to get me fired up about heading to Cape Cod. LOL. Of course, after wiping my chin, I see that there are plenty of other reasons as well. Maybe we are Cape Cod bound next summer.

  3. While we love traveling the world, there is something special about taking a vacation close to home. Cap Cod sounds wonderful.

  4. The public beaches on the Cape are stunning. The hours of long-throw Frisbee, nerf football, hardball catch, lounging under the umbrella, and Oh Yes, swimming fly by.

  5. I love the beaches and scenery on Cape Cod. . . and any place you can get a lobster roll is worth the trip for me 🙂

  6. Lillie, look at you! You’ve grown so beautifully since TBEX and with that lovely mommy-to-be glow! Looks like you had a great time in Cape Cod. Never been myself, but looks stunning. I LOVE seafood so I know I would enjoy this part of the coast!

  7. I’ve always wanted to go up there, and this posting really confirms my wish.
    Best regards from southern Texas,

  8. Seems like a great place for a “babymoon”.

  9. I’ve never been to Cape Cod myself, but I have been seriously craving a lobster roll lately! It might be time to start planning a trip, especially after your great post. It looks like a blast and a seriously laid back beach vacation, just up my alley.

  10. So beautiful! and yes, we all need some relaxation!

  11. Gorgeous photos, and solid arguments in favour of a weekend in Cape Cod. Bravo!

    I kind of feel like hopping in the car this very second…. but a vastly inferior lobster roll here in Montreal will have to do for now.

  12. Love the maxi dress in the first picture! I discovered maxi dresses this summer (not pregnant though) and I love them!

    Have not been to the cape per se, but I have been to Martha’s Vineyard (which I wasn’t too crazy about) so we did have to drive through it to take the ferry to the island. The little I saw I really liked! We are more fans of Shelter Island in my family. A little far from MA for you (I’m in Westchester, NY) but it is my parents’ favorite weekend getaway. Check it out when you have the time!

  13. Cape Cod is one of my top three places on earth (if you consider Marthas Vineyard to be part of the cape, it is #1). I’ve visited as part of a couple and solo, and I have to say–it really is all that I imagine a beach vacation to be. Without all of the…let’s say ‘stuff’…that I dislike about beach vacations. And each town is so different, I could spend a whole season there without getting bored.

    I spent this week in the Berkshires. I love the beaches of Massachusetts; I love the mountains. I need to come to Boston to see if I like the city. And then I will never leave.

  14. My husband and I own one twelfth of a house in South Wellfleet. We figure that’s a closet or February;-) We live in Philadelphia, so we don’t get up there very often. My sister-in-laws own most of it and they live in Boston. Last September we did take some Australian friends there. Unfortunately, our friend confirmed, the hard way, that he is indeed allergic to clams. Being from Philly, our “go to” beach is a southern New Jersey beach town. Very different vibe—- more like the Cape towns closer to Boston. But, sorry, the ocean water down here is warmer and the beach and is softer, but no kettle ponds and no National Seashore. I’m glad you had a chance to enjoy the Cape before Mr. or Ms. Baby shows up. We took our son on a first beach vacation when he was 5 months old. No one got much sleep, but he looked adorable in the sailor outfit someone gave him as a baby present. (He’s 29 now and newly married and he’s still day-night reversed.

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