Sep 302009
Thoughts on Leaving Cambodia

I leave Cambodia feeling sad. I don’t feel sad to leave, but rather I am infused with a profound sadness from what I saw over the past ten days. I have much the same feeling as I did after living in Guatemala: the scars of recent history’s horrors are still bleeding through this country. And how could they not be?

Here are eight elements that will likely strike a [...Read More!]

Sep 232009
Angkor Wat by Sunrise

At four thirty am, my cellphone alarm exploded me awake in my ridiculous supply attic room (pictured left– no joke).Was a torrential lightning storm going to foil my plans like yesterday morning? There are no windows in my supply attic room, so I padlocked the door and barefooted down to the second floor to peer out the grated balcony. Clear! Dark! This meant ten minutes to throw [...Read More!]

Sep 152009
Bangkok’s Grand Palace: Wow to the WowWow!

There’s a certain point when the thick heat and pollution of Bangkok make your head swim so hard and your clothes stick to you so wetly, that all you want is to collapse onto a shady doorstep and yield. This is what I was doing as Adie fruitlessly pulled my arm to stand back up.

“I don’t wanna go in!” I whined, leaning back onto the pavement. “We’ve been walking around the [...Read More!]

Sep 132009
The Temples of Bangkok

I pulled out the map of Bangkok from the Lub-d Hostel lobby and mapped my walking tour objective: To the strip clubs, to the park, to the giant MBK mall, to the river, and to all the glistening golden temples between. Off we go!Vegetable stir-fry and my daily condensed-milk-sweetened ice coffee (OH I LOVE YOU!) to start, and then in to peek at the infamous Patpong strip of girlie clubs. [...Read More!]

Aug 212009
Kyoto: Temples and Sleep Deprivation

There comes a time in every traveler’s path when she must cease and desist freeloading off a kind benefactor’s floor. To this end, I spent 9 hours of last night “sleeping” on the night bus from Tokyo to Osaka. Read: Night bus = cheap place to stay, and cheaper transport than the bullet train. Also read: I am perhaps the only six foot tall human in this country.

Long [...Read More!]

Aug 152009
What you see in hour 5 of Boston-California Flight

Flying over Nevada and Utah, you see a moonscape. Nothingness. Dry, crusty, brown-gray ripples of empty. This has always sent a sizzling thrill down my spine because in Boston, everything is built up, peopled, poofed out with trees. It’s colonized, utterly. But when you fly over the middle and West of our country you remember: there IS a lot of SPACE out here! Perspective.All this is made much more [...Read More!]