Mar 162010
Patience's Article 2: An Academic Prize

Article #24 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project The Joy of Being Congratulated for Hard Work By Patience, Age 13

“Guess who is the best Information and Communications Technology student?” asked the director of YCC. Everybody was asking themselves who that person could be.

The end of the Youth Creating Change (YCC) academic year had come to an end, and so, as they do every year, YCC’s Director [...Read More!]

Feb 252010
Praise's Article: Cape Coast

Article #11 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project Our Educational Trip to Cape Coast By Kakraba Praise, Age 13

While on the Canopy Walk, I looked down, down, down– two hundred and fifty meters down!– and I felt like I was going to fall through the leaves and smash upon the earth at any minute!

This was on a trip to Cape Coast with eleven other students, thanks to [...Read More!]

Feb 132010
Patience’s Article: Cape Coast

Article #3 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project The YCC and BSV Educational Tour to Cape Coast! By Patience Amekudzi, Age 13 “Only students with perfect attendance can compete for a spot in the YCC trip to Cape Coast,” the Director told us.

I was thankful that I had attended school each day, so I was able to advance to the next round in the Cape Coast trip competition: writing [...Read More!]

Feb 062010
A List of Concrete Ways to Help!

By now, if you are a good little tortoise, you have already read yesterday’s article. Well done!

If you are a bad little bunny, however, and haven’t done your reading (tsk, tsk, tsk, punk!), here’s the summary: the African version of the “Tortoise and the Hare” folktale teaches us that working together as a team, we can surmount giant obstacles.

So today we turn to the concrete: HOW exactly [...Read More!]

Feb 052010
Unity and Help: The Lesson of the Tortoise

Chances are that you’ve heard the story of the tortoise and the hare before… at least you’ve heard ONE version of it.

In this classic Aesop folktale, the speedy, cocky hare challenges the slow-poke tortoise to a race, and the tortoise shockingly agrees.

The race begins!

Halfway through the competition, the hare becomes so overconfident at his giant lead that he takes a nap, dreaming of his glorious and easy victory.

When the hare awakes– [...Read More!]

Jan 232010
Dalive Donations

Most of us from America have tossed our old clothes into a donation bin at some point.

Maybe you threw in that free tee shirt from your school spirit day four years ago.

Maybe your mother snatched those raggedy pants out of your closet and screamed, “Give these away now! I’m so sick of seeing you schlump around in them!”

Maybe you had to dump out an entire wardrobe after a miraculous weight [...Read More!]

Jan 172010
The Incredible School of Rural Dalive

It is a scientific fact: when students take a leadership role in their own education rather than blindly swallowing a teacher’s “answers”, these students develop ownership, pride, and confidence in their learning, and the results are rich.

Similarly, in development work for impoverished communities, if the community seeking aid actually helps to diagnose and solve its own needs rather than being spoon-fed an outsider’s “solution”, the resulting projects become more wisely planned [...Read More!]

Jan 162010
Ghana Will Miss Efo Kwabla!

It is currently five in the morning: the time that most punctuality-abiding Boston Public Schools teachers and students arise each morning to make it to school on time.

Here in this mosquito-infested hotel in Accra, what on Earth awakes us at this shocking time? Alas, it is time to escort our dear efo (brother) to the airport!

Dan (born on a Tuesday, and thus called “Kwabla”, in Ewe) is the son of [...Read More!]

Jan 142010
The Grand Quiz of YCC, Sogakope!

“Children,” boomed the Grand Quiz Chairman, “are you happy?”

“Yes!” yelled the two hundred schoolkids in the audience.

“I asked,” hollered Chairman Moses Kawkaw with a grin, “ARE YOU HAPPY?”

“YES!” sang Sogakope’s youth at the top of their lungs, “YES!”

Today’s Grand Quiz was brilliant on about ten different levels, which became clearer and clearer as the day went on.

At first, however, I didn’t really understand the concept. I did know that Bright Star [...Read More!]

Jan 082010
Epic Fundraiser Shopping in Aburi

“Please do not be offended,” said the soldier at the Volta River roadblock, “but are you a spy?”

“No I am not.” replied Dan respectfully.

“Are you sure?” asked the soldier, eying Dan’s fancy camera.

“I am sure,” said Dan.

And thus began our epic journey to the distant hill town of Aburi to fulfill the mission of Backpacking Granny: 1) Take seed money from the U.S. to Ghana to buy hand-crafts, 2) which Dan [...Read More!]