Jan 112011
8 Great Cities of RTW Travel to Actually Move To and Live

I had a lot of reasons for leaving my career and home to travel around the world in August of 2009, and one of them was a vision of starting a new life abroad.  For the first eight months of my voyage, I was convinced that (after rockin’ out Asia and Africa) I would find the endpoint of my dreams in Barcelona, Spain.

When I arrived in Spain, however, I realized Barcelona [...Read More!]

Mar 282010
Meeting Huge Celebrities... Who You Don't Recognize

Peter was quivering with excitement, and Seth couldn’t help but hop up and down with each burst of emotion coursing through his zesty heart.

“He’s a SERIOUS radio presenter!” my friends gushed, hauling me and my camera in the direction of the yellow-shirted man.

With all this zing in the air, how could my heart NOT thump as well? But the truth was: I had no clue who this big-shot man in [...Read More!]

Jan 082010
Epic Fundraiser Shopping in Aburi

“Please do not be offended,” said the soldier at the Volta River roadblock, “but are you a spy?”

“No I am not.” replied Dan respectfully.

“Are you sure?” asked the soldier, eying Dan’s fancy camera.

“I am sure,” said Dan.

And thus began our epic journey to the distant hill town of Aburi to fulfill the mission of Backpacking Granny: 1) Take seed money from the U.S. to Ghana to buy hand-crafts, 2) which Dan [...Read More!]