Jan 092014
My Face Is on a Restaurant Advertisement in Africa?!

WHOA! Without my knowledge, I have become the face of a restaurant advertisement in West Africa?!

Late last night I received a shocking message from my friend Alicia, who had been traveling in Africa. “Lillie!” the message read, “Flying down the street in the car on my way to Bojo Beach in Ghana, we passed this sign. I screamed out loud, ‘I KNOW THAT GIRL!’ Are you aware that you are the face [...Read More!]

Feb 282010
Couchsurfing Instructions, and a Ghana Beach!

If you’ve got a good head on your shoulders and a good internet connection, you can stay for free, safely, in the houses of kind people all around the world! How? Couchsurfing.org.

For some of you, this article will be a review of a global trick you already know well. For others, however, this may be a thrilling new insight into budget travel!

As we proceed through the steps of how to use [...Read More!]

Feb 202010
Starting to Understand Accra... and Staying Legal

As you read this pre-programmed post, I am headed back into Accra to meet up with the Ghana Couchsurfing.org clan, as well as several friends of friends of friends of friends, and to finalize my visa extension paperwork.

The events of this article occurred two weeks ago, but will surely be echoed in my experience today!

Perhaps you recall that it turned out I was in Thailand illegally.

It was unintentional, it really [...Read More!]