Feb 152010
Shine's Article: Accra Airport

Article #4 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project My First Day Visiting Accra Airport By Shine Doe, Age 13

That day was the first day I had ever seen a traffic light. I watched, amazed, as it showed direction to the many cars by its changing colors.

I was about ten years old, on an educational excursion to Accra Airport with my classmates and teachers. There are [...Read More!]

Feb 142010
Ceremonies and a Half-Year of Around the World!

Happy day of love, chocolate, and the fiery ire of single lovelies like me!

Let us now take a brief pause from the lovely Ghana Student Life Story Project (HUGE thanks to all the readers who are leaving encouraging comments for the students!) to talk about the concept of… ceremony.

When was the last time you took part in a ceremonial moment of reflection and ritual celebration? If you are in a [...Read More!]

Feb 132010
Patience’s Article: Cape Coast

Article #3 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project The YCC and BSV Educational Tour to Cape Coast! By Patience Amekudzi, Age 13 “Only students with perfect attendance can compete for a spot in the YCC trip to Cape Coast,” the Director told us.

I was thankful that I had attended school each day, so I was able to advance to the next round in the Cape Coast trip competition: writing [...Read More!]

Feb 122010
Derrick's Article: The Sea at Accra

Article #2 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project My First Day by the Sea at Accra By Sarpong Derrick, Age 11 I remember how the sea at Accra flows. I remember thinking, “I’m afraid!” because of how the sea flowed forward and back. I saw a little child get into the water, and I become frightened. They say that the sea can kill.

It was my first day in [...Read More!]

Feb 102010
An Intro to the Ghana Life Stories Project!

At last, after a month of exciting classes and passionate writing, it is time to start sharing our Ghana student life story projects with you!

For teachers who are interested in this unit plan themselves, or for those who are just curious about how these upcoming student articles were created, here is the…

Unit Plan for Student Life Story Writing Project:

Note: Each of these steps takes a different amount of time depending [...Read More!]

Feb 092010
What the Heck is Fufu?

For any reader of West African literature, or for any Western penpal of a Ghanaian student, a question looms large:

What the heck is “Fufu”?

Here is the short answer: Fufu is delicious, and it is also extremely difficult to create.

Here is the long answer:

Fufu is an extremely popular and common food in West and Central Africa which is made in slightly differently ways in different countries, and is even connected to the [...Read More!]

Feb 082010
Power Outages and the Power of Patience

The electric power and running water have gone out for at least five hours a day, every day, for the past two weeks here in Sogakope. Nooo!

Usually these outages strike from mid-day to nightfall, but no one can predict exactly when they will start or end.

Are the utility companies purposely shutting off the water and power to work on some major problem in the system?

Are the outages just accidental [...Read More!]

Feb 072010
An Awesome Plastic Hairstyle

“Heeey!” we heard as Millicent and I made our sweaty way through Sogakope’s outdoor market.

It was YCC staff member, Dorcas, who we hadn’t seen since she fell ill several weeks ago!

“Ehfoah?” Dorcas asked us in Ewe, shaking our hands and snapping our middle fingers together with a “POP.” “Are you fine?”

“Ehhh,” Millicent and I responded with twin grins. “Yes!”

We confessed why we were in the market: ever since experiencing [...Read More!]

Feb 062010
A List of Concrete Ways to Help!

By now, if you are a good little tortoise, you have already read yesterday’s article. Well done!

If you are a bad little bunny, however, and haven’t done your reading (tsk, tsk, tsk, punk!), here’s the summary: the African version of the “Tortoise and the Hare” folktale teaches us that working together as a team, we can surmount giant obstacles.

So today we turn to the concrete: HOW exactly [...Read More!]