Jan 062010
9 Epiphanies of Around the World, 2009!

Hello! Welcome to the last pre-programmed, 2009 Reflection post before we delve into the thrilling world of Ghana news!This here is the biggie, isn’t it: Epiphanies, or, as we teach it in Boston Public Schools: “The ‘AHA!’ Moment.”

Indeed, why do we travel but to shake up our lives and force an “Aha!” from our nose to our toes? Sure enough, the first five months of this joyous Around the [...Read More!]

Jan 052010
Most Loving and Funny Moments of Around the World, 2009!

It’s happy time: Love and Laughter! And as you read this pre-programmed post, I am awaking in my first full day in sunny Ghana, West Africa!Accompanying this article, please enjoy photos from in and around the famous Uffizi Museum of Florence, Italy, including, pictured left, Michelangelo’s gorgeous sole existing non-fresco painting. Look at those muscles on the Virgin Mary!

(Disclaimer: we DID see all these big-shot paintings at the Uffizi, [...Read More!]

Jan 032010
11 Most Intense Moments of Around the World, 2009

As you read this pre-programmed post, I am flying from Italy to Ghana! I am SO EXCITED and happy about this, and I cannot wait to see what the next three months will bring.

Now, if you’re looking for the drama, you’ve come to the right article. This list will link you directly to the eleven most scary, transformative, and adrenaline-filled moments of the past five months of the Around the [...Read More!]

Jan 022010
7 Most Delicious Foods of Around the World 2009!

Are you hungry yet? Hopefully you will be after reading this countdown. As you peruse this pre-programmed post, I’m on the train north to Milan, Italy from Florence!

Given the amount of deliciousness I’ve inhaled in the past five months, there may be some glaring gaps in this list, so feel free to weigh in on YOUR votes for best world food of 2009.

As before, please click on the blue links [...Read More!]

Jan 012010
10 Most Beautiful Places of Around the World, 2009!


May these (totally-unrelated-to-the-article) photos from climbing the Duomo in Florence with my sweet family put you in a good mood for 2010!

Now… I resolve: For as long as the savings hold out, and perhaps longer, I will see this thing through. Travel! Writing! Connections! Crafting a career that will contribute positively to society, while keeping the passion going!

A giant THANK YOU to you for reading this blog. [...Read More!]

Dec 312009
Touring Florence 2: The David!

We all fell in love today. How could we not? Michelangelo’s David is stunning.

You see the photos everywhere, and you don’t really care. Meh– just another curly-haired naked dude, right? But listen: if you pay the ten Euro entrance fee to actually see Michelangelo’s David sculpture in person, you WILL feel as if you’ve gotten your money’s worth, and more.

Here is a smattering of guidebook facts and [...Read More!]

Dec 302009
Touring Florence, Part 1!

Attention: If you are planning a long Round the World voyage, I urge you to arrange some way for your family to meet you halfway through your trip, halfway between where you are and they are!

Words cannot express how happy I am right now to be reunited with my family this week!!!

Bless their jetlagged selves, my mother, father, and brother searched the cheapest tickets they could find to Europe (halfway to [...Read More!]