Aug 202009
The Famous Author

I am typing to you now from the former keyboard of a famous author. He is my semi-mentor, whether he wants to be or not, because he travels around the globe (from Iraq to Cuba) reclusively banging out page after page of award-winning text, then living [...Read More!]

Aug 192009
The Wander Approach to Tourism

I’m not much of a sight-seeing gal in the sense of “ROBOTICALLY MUST SEE ALL FAMOUS PLACES IN MY GUIDEBOOK!” Rather, I dig the approach of wandering til your butt is near ready to fall off from the miles accrued, and seeing what happens along the way.

Today, after maybe or maybe not getting locked inside Shinjuku Park, I escaped (or maybe was free the whole time) and briskly meandered 5 miles [...Read More!]
Aug 192009
Locked In-- Whoops! :D

Hey, remember when you got locked inside Shinjuku Park in Tokyo cause you didn’t realize the barred doors sealed at 4:30pm? That was fun.

Remember how you were innocently doing headstands in the lush, plush expanses of grass, then writing, full of peace, while the mosquitoes lovingly sucked your blood?Remember those GIGUNDO crows, and the deafening opera of cicadas for all four hours you were there?

Remember the first time you used [...Read More!]

Aug 182009
Japan, Day 3: Rice Balls, Temples, and Beyond!

A quilt of delights from today… Mike, a friend of a dear friend, has been an AMAZING host, showing me around the city, printing maps and suggested itineraries, and generally being the most fun and kind possible in sharing his 7 years of Tokyo-living experience.

T’was Mike who learned me about this whole rice ball and rice burger business. Want to eat cheap in Japan? The convenience store sells seaweed-wrapped rice [...Read More!]

Aug 182009
Tokyo at Night

OH the joy of walking around alone at night in a safe, safe, safe city! I rocked it, hardcore: 5 miles clear across the city, 3 maps in hand, from 6pm to 9:30pm. Yum, yum, yum. I think I’m sort of catching this photography lust thing that my friends have.

Now the delicious facts: The only “catcall” in 4 hours: A gentleman softly saying: “Oh.”

The only “being hit on” [...Read More!]

Aug 182009
Rockin' out Everyday Tokyo!!

Want to ride the Subway and trains in Tokyo? So do I! Check out the sweet li’l map over here… But don’t forget that there are TWO intertwined train systems! Is it any wonder that I feel a ridiculous sense of accomplishment whenever I arrive ANYWHERE successfully? Love it 🙂

The Subways and trains of Tokyo are gorgeous, gliding snakes of efficiency. Nearly totally silent, and 99.99% [...Read More!]

Aug 172009
Japan, Day 1: Pancakes on Crack and the Kindness of Japan!

AHHHH!!!! TOKYO!!!!I AM SO HAPPY TO BE HERE! SO HAPPY TO BE ON THIS TRIP!!!Back up: Recap. San Francisco Warehouse party with my awesome brother = the reason I am WAY not hip enough to live in San Fran, but think it rules hardcore. Basically, a bunch of soooo rockstar hip hipsters took over a giant GREASE FACTORY and built cubicles in which to live, as well as fashioned toilets and [...Read More!]