Jan 112011
8 Great Cities of RTW Travel to Actually Move To and Live

I had a lot of reasons for leaving my career and home to travel around the world in August of 2009, and one of them was a vision of starting a new life abroad.  For the first eight months of my voyage, I was convinced that (after rockin’ out Asia and Africa) I would find the endpoint of my dreams in Barcelona, Spain.

When I arrived in Spain, however, I realized Barcelona [...Read More!]

Jul 192010
My Photo Essay About Laos on Boston.com!

As you likely know, I spent the nine months from August of 2009 to May of 2010 traveling around the world, and one of my favorite countries on the journey was Laos.

Now, by clicking on the link below, you can see the deliciousness that is Laos whittled into a colorful photo essay for Boston.com !


I hope you enjoy the piece, forward it far and wide, and then go back and read [...Read More!]

Nov 162009
It's a Photographic Objectification Party!

It was hour nine of day two on the Mekong river boat. I was deep into a crossword puzzle, lying half off my seat, feet high on the bench in front. Suddenly I heard a gasp.

“Psst, Lil!” hissed the eccentric Australian computer programmer, her hand on her heart, “That Korean guy has been secretly taking photos of your legs!”

I glanced back and the man hurriedly hid his camera and [...Read More!]

Nov 152009
Why Tropic of Cancer is Perfect Backpacking Literature

(Note: All photos accompanying this article are from the two-day Mekong Riverboat journey from Luang Prabang, Laos, to Huay Xai on the Thai border… including some serious elephant action at one pit-stop. Yeah, I have no idea why they were there, either, but they’re awesome!)

“Ah, I see you just finished “Tropic of Cancer”!” said Rebecca from across the aisle of the Mekong riverboat. “Shall we swap books? I’ve got [...Read More!]

Nov 142009
An Update on the Around the World Itinerary

Sheesh, folks, calm yourselves!

After posting my flight plan changes (staying in Southeast Asia until late December and postponing the Dubai/Turkey leg) I received a veritable barrage of flustered emails. Let’s answer some of the questions you posed to see if we can all soothe our souls a bit.

Q: “Why aren’t you going to Turkey or Dubai?? I really want to hear your perspective on those [...Read More!]

Nov 142009
The Heavenly Mekong Riverboat

I cursed foully when my friends electronically forced me to take the two day riverboat up the Mekong.

“You’ve taken every other form of transport!” hollered one chum. “Another bus would just be boring for us to read about.”

“Grr, then,” I grumbled, and fearfully hopped aboard.

Today, however, emerging from an absolutely delicious two days on the water, I bless you, oh prophetic souls, for your forceful mandate!

I HIGHLY recommend [...Read More!]

Nov 132009
I'm on a Boat! (from Laos to Thailand)

By the time you read this pre-programmed post, I will hopefully be deep into day two of a two-day long boat trip up the Mekong River to the Thai border.

I have heard both wonderful and bonkers reports of this journey, so I have very little idea of what to expect.

I do know that I’m supposed to bring water to drink, that my rump will hurt from sitting on the hard planks, [...Read More!]

Nov 122009
How Do You Know Where to Go?

For years, it has been my fantasy to be one of those columnists who dips into her mail pool to answer reader questions… and (dah da da DAH!) that day has finally come!

“Could you please tell me,” asked a kind reader, “How do you choose which places to visit? Do you have it all planned in advance? Do your plans change?”

Here is the multi-part answer, adorned in the background [...Read More!]

Nov 112009
An Irish Expat's Insight into Luang Prabang

(Note: The photos that accompany this article are from around Luang Prabang, Laos, including a free Lao fashion show at a local restaurant.)

“It’s crazy to hear all the tourists come into this bar saying, ‘Oh, the Lao people are so simple and shy and sweet!’ ” said Clara, her magenta lipstick and hearty Irish face framed by graying blond hair.

“I’ve been working here in Luang Prabang for three years now, [...Read More!]

Nov 102009
The Tourist Trail Versus Other Budget Ways to See the World

I used to hate whirlwind tourists and avoid any famous site like a high schooler avoids homework. After three months of hardcore Tourist Trail backpacking around Asia, however, I’ve grown to see the fabulosity in every type of travel.

Let’s look at some of these varied ways to see the world on a budget, in order from least “touristy” to most “touristy”…

(In the background, please enjoy scenes from Luang Prabang, Laos!)

The [...Read More!]