May 132010
Back in Boston, Exactly 9 Months Later!!!

HOORAY!  Home!  Home!  After nine months around the world, can I tell you how delicious Boston feels?  City of my heart!  Country of my birth!  And my dearest loved ones!  Oh, I love you!

But I made a big mistake this morning that nearly caused me to miss my flight.  Read on, so you don’t commit this same error!

Twenty-four hours ago, my alarm jolted me awake at five am.  Trying not to [...Read More!]

May 112010
Why RTW Travel Must NOT be Seen as Vacation

One of many festivals in Valencia, Spain!

Tomorrow, volcano permitting, I fly home to Boston!  And thus we can begin zillions of reflective posts.  Let’s start with the following realization:

A months-long Around the World voyage is not a vacation. Want to know why?  Because it it were, you would die.  On vacation, by definition, you indulge in anything and everything and you laze around like a jellyfish.  So let’s be real here: [...Read More!]

May 102010
Four Awesome Uses for Twitter

If you are a Twitter master, this article will be a tad, “Ho hum yawn yawn.”  Therefore, just look at the pretty pictures from Alicante, Spain and go along your merry way.

If, however, you are like I was a few months ago and really don’t get what all the fuss is about, regarding that strange blue bird-ed site called “Tweetah” or “Twadder” or something, here is a concrete list of four [...Read More!]

May 092010
So Proud of Moving from Blogger to Wordpress!

Oh, I am abuzz with pride!  Afire with joy!  Aflutter with excitement!

I have accomplished something I never thought would be possible, given the particular configuration of my brain: I have migrated my blog from Blogger to WordPress!

Now, for those of you outside the supremely geeky world in which I now live, this will necessitate the following two background tidbits.

Q: What is WordPress?

A: It is a heavenly realm where websites go [...Read More!]

May 082010
Two Stunning 5-Star Hotels... and Deep Thoughts

I need your help!

Here’s the question: What do we think of the concept of five-star ultra-luxury hotels?

Thanks to the wonderful Valencia Ministry of Tourism, my friend Gary and I were treated to the opportunity of a lifetime: a tour of the highest-rated hotels in all of Benidorm, Spain!

And let me tell you: these are some SERIOUSLY amazing hotels.

I snapped the first three show photos here at gorgeous Asia Gardens five-star hotel [...Read More!]

May 072010
Um, So I Think I Just Saw the Holy Grail?

“Hey dude,” slurred my British dorm-mate as he climbed into his hostel bunk for the night, “Did you see the Holy Grail yet?”

“Wait, WHAT!” I exclaimed, “the Holy Grail is in Valencia, Spain? The magical cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper?!”

“That’s what they say,” the boy mumbled as his eyelids began to droop. “It’s in the little room to the right in the Valencia Cathedral. Don’t [...Read More!]

May 062010
Reason Two (of Many!) to Visit and Love Valencia, Spain

I am having a little addiction problem. At this time, according to the original plan, I was supposed to be merrily chugging through Seville and Cadiz, and perhaps even Toledo… but instead, I’m back where I was a week ago: in Valencia, Spain.

“Woman, why can’t you just move on?!” you exclaim. My answer: Because Valencia is great. And thus let us continue our Reasons I Love Valencia series.

Today’s [...Read More!]

May 052010
Why You Need a Mentor... or Fifteen!

I have wild admiration for students who graduate college when no one in their family has done so before.

“First Generation College Students,” we call such superstars.

Why is being the first one in your family to graduate from college such a feat? Because the entire U.S. college process– from navigating the miles-long applications, to knowing the smartest way to approach a caustic professor– is full of secrets.

If you have someone (aka, a [...Read More!]

May 042010
Lucy's Article 2: The Result of Running From School

Article #31 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project The Result of Running Away From School By Lawani Lucy, Age 13

“Run fast, Lucy!” my friend shouted. “Pass over to the other side of the road so they won’t see us!”

On the fifth of March, 2010, my friend Bless and I decided to run away from school. We were hungry to a great extent, but at that [...Read More!]

May 032010
Three Lovely Moments from Benidorm, Spain, in Photos

As I pulled out my little blue camera to photograph the toddler playing by the fountain, a tornado of snow-white birds began to swirl.

One after another, the birds swooped around the child, around the red stroller, and finally right towards my face, fluttering my hair!

Gary was busy at the other end of the fountain, trying to photograph the single black bird amid the snowy hordes.

“If any of these photos come out [...Read More!]