May 172010
Turns Out I WAS Robbed During Those 9 Months Abroad?!

I was just about to bang out a post on ways to make it through nine months of travel without being robbed, when I decided to take a quick unpacking break.

Ten minutes in, it became clear: my secret stash of Travelers Cheques was gone.  After thirty minutes of searching, I called the American Express hotline.

“Hmm,” said the helpful agent, “our computers are showing that all those checks were cashed in early [...Read More!]

May 092010
So Proud of Moving from Blogger to Wordpress!

Oh, I am abuzz with pride!  Afire with joy!  Aflutter with excitement!

I have accomplished something I never thought would be possible, given the particular configuration of my brain: I have migrated my blog from Blogger to WordPress!

Now, for those of you outside the supremely geeky world in which I now live, this will necessitate the following two background tidbits.

Q: What is WordPress?

A: It is a heavenly realm where websites go [...Read More!]