May 272010
8 Ways Travel Can Change You

The Spanish gentleman pictured to the left is stroking his calloused finger against 6,000-year old paintings at Cueva Remigia, Spain.  Such cave art stretches across swaths of Spain, and is considered, collectively, a UNESCO world heritage site.

In my last week in Spain before flying home, a group of us climbed a bright green, sun-drenched mountain to emerge an hour later at the ancient paintings pictured here! …and at first we couldn’t see [...Read More!]

May 242010
A Post-Travel Drug (Sort Of)

We don’t condone narcotics,  but strangely strong feelings of euphoria are okay if they’re natural and healthy, right?

So here is a secret formula to get your brain feeling amazing: Go away from home for a really long time, and then come back.


Nine months is the longest I’ve ever been away from home, and in this whole week since coming back to Boston after circumnavigating the globe, I have felt cerebrally heavenly. [...Read More!]

May 212010
Do This Before You Leave on Long-Term Travel!

You do not realize how much you will forget.

I returned from nine months around the world with a giant grin and a million hugs for loved ones… and then proceeded to not be able to find a thing.

When you are getting ready to leave the country, you assume you will be able to find your favorite shoes multiple  months and a head full of Asia, Africa, and Europe later.  Trust [...Read More!]

May 142010
How a Wordpress Warning Relates to Life

What you are about to read is geeky, but don’t run away!  It has direct applications to your non-techie life… just wait.

A WordPress “Plug-in” is defined as an outside program you can search for, upload, and install into your WordPress blog for added functionality.  One Plug-in example is the cute “Share and Enjoy!” bar you see directly below this article.  My WordPress theme didn’t come with this: I had to find [...Read More!]