Sep 022009
Frequently Asked Crazy Thai Island Questions

1. It’s September. Who ARE these tourists?

I’ll tell you one thing: they ain’t Americans. I’m the freak again! Woo hoo!They are, however, a ton of Europeans (English, Irish, German, Italian, in that order, I’d estimate), Aussies, Israelis (tons!), and Canadians.

On the boat to Ko Samui, I had a lovely chat with a Colombian couple who have been travelling for ten months (!!!) to every country ever created (including [...Read More!]

Sep 022009
A Ko Samui Roller Coaster

Let’s call it like it is: I’m bopping around the crazy southern Thai Islands. I taught summer school all July, man– this is my vacation time! And I like it.

So. Five hour bus from Phuket to Surat Thani Saturday, then two hour ferry to legendary Ko Samui: the heart of the Thai tourist islands. McDonalds! Starbucks! Pizza Hut! Cars, modpeds, people everywhere! T’is a big (some say tourist-destroyed) island, and all [...Read More!]