Aug 152009
Happiness on the eve of Japan! :)

No joke, the food is mmm-mmm lusciously better in San Francisco. This was illustrated by the map of the U.S. muraled on the wall at the organic brunch place we all munched through this morning. On the left side of the map (California) were pictures of succulent rainbow-colored fruits and veggies. On the right side (Massachusetts) was a picture of… a college! A college feeds the mind, yeah, but [...Read More!]

Aug 152009
What you see in hour 5 of Boston-California Flight

Flying over Nevada and Utah, you see a moonscape. Nothingness. Dry, crusty, brown-gray ripples of empty. This has always sent a sizzling thrill down my spine because in Boston, everything is built up, peopled, poofed out with trees. It’s colonized, utterly. But when you fly over the middle and West of our country you remember: there IS a lot of SPACE out here! Perspective.All this is made much more [...Read More!]

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