Apr 182012
Scandalous Facts Behind the Oracle of Delphi in Greece

What actually happened during the hundreds of years between 720 B.C.E. and 395 A.D. when ancient Greeks consulted the Oracle of Delphi? Who was this magical woman named Pythia whose advice changed history?

In our teacher group walking tour of Delphi, we learned shocking facts to explain the history of the Oracle.

1. Ethylene gas in the nose. The Oracle of Delphi was actually several different women from the village below. They were [...Read More!]

Apr 172012
In Greece, Can I Buy Man-Cave Decor for a Vegetarian?

If you’re totally baffled by the title of this article, just read on.

Research suggests that in marriage, men need a room of their own to do Man Things. This sanctuary is often referred to by the term: “Man-Cave.” A Man-Cave is the sanctuary in a shared home in which a man can be a MAN, and the lady of the house stays out.

In our house, my fiancé has a Man-Cave, and [...Read More!]

Apr 162012
Touring the Sites of Greek Myth and Legend in Person

“If you look to the valley below us,” our guide, Mara, instructed our busload of teachers touring Greece, “you will see the crossroads where Oedipus killed his father.”

“WHAT?!” I gasped, nearly inhaling the sesame-seed-encrusted almond in my mouth.

For three different years of my eight-year teaching career, I’ve taught kids the scandalous play, Oedipus Rex… and now we were driving by the actual scene of the crime?!

If you’re not familiar with the infamous legend [...Read More!]

Apr 162012
Our Teacher Curriculum Tour is Loving Athens, Greece!

Months ago, my beloved co-worker, Cathy, said, “Hey, you wanna go to Greece with me on a great teacher curriculum tour?

I’ve been on a “Living Life Full-Out” kick, and so, given that I’d toured Spain in December and China in February, of course, I said, “Sign me up!” The decision to come was made even easier when I won a great grant for being a “Literacy Champion,” which is helping pay [...Read More!]

Apr 122012
Xiu Na: Surprises at the Beijing Zoo and Summer Palace

Article #12 in the Student Travel Stories Series from our tour of Beijing, China. By Xiu Na, Age 15, 9th Grade in Boston. Born in Southern China, came to the U.S. at age 3.

Q: What were your favorite parts of our China trip, and why?

A: My favorite parts were the Beijing Zoo, the Great Wall of China, and the Hutong neighborhood.

I liked the zoo because I love animals in general, and the panda [...Read More!]

Apr 062012
Daniel: Travel Shows There is No Need to Fear China

Article #11 in the Student Travel Stories Series from our tour of Beijing, China. By Daniel, Age 17, 11th Grade in Boston. Born in the U.S. to parents from El Salvador.

Q: What message about China are you bringing home to America now that you’ve traveled to Beijing?

A: I will try to convince people we shouldn’t be afraid of China.

Sure it’s a country that is progressing fast, but we can look at our own country, [...Read More!]

Mar 252012
Terry: The 798 Art Zone Was The Coolest Place in Beijing

Article #10 in the Student Travel Stories Series from our tour of Beijing, China. By Terry, Age 17, 12th Grade in Boston. Born in the U.S. to parents from Vietnam and China.

Q: Terry, tell the readers about the crazy 798 Art Zone in Beijing!

A: The 798 Art Zone we visited was the coolest place I’ve ever been in China, and we saw a lot of places!

It used to be a giant factory complex, and [...Read More!]

Mar 202012
Website Optimization is Like Classroom Management

“I’ve been trying so many things to get my students quiet so I can teach!” exclaimed a Boston-area fellow teacher, Carl, yesterday. “I tried yelling for attention all last year. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t.”

I nodded, having been there myself. Carl continued. “This month I’m experimenting with just stopping and staring at kids who begin side conversations. I’ll just wait, and LOOK at them. Sometimes I’ll even murmur quietly:

“Hey, [...Read More!]

Mar 162012
My Article on Travel Was Published in the Huffington Post!

Fabulous news!

I’ve just had my first ever article published in the fancy and famous Huffington Post! (If you’re a cool kid, you may know it as the “HuffPo”.) Want to read it? Great!

Click here to see: “5 Things I Learned About Education From Taking 42 High Schoolers to China.”

The article has some surprising moments, and also features a rockin’ photo slideshow. Please leave comments and questions, and share it widely! The HuffPo is [...Read More!]

Mar 112012
Stephane: From Living in Haiti to Awesome China Travel

Article #9 in the Student Travel Stories Series from our tour of Beijing, China. By Stephane, Age 17, 11th Grade in Boston. Born in Haiti, moved to U.S. at age 10.

Q: How did you feel about our China trip?

A: Had anyone told me seven years ago in my little house in Haiti that in 2012 I would be across the world, visiting China, meeting amazing new people, and climbing one of the [...Read More!]