Jul 142010
Mayuka's Article: An American Football Coach in Japan

Article #8 in the ESL Student Life Story Project, by Mayuka from Japan, age 25.

In our lives, we have keys that can change everything for us.  Maybe these keys are key words, or key points, or key people we meet, but many keys are not realized at the moment we first see them.  Keys are often realized later, and whether we are aware of it or not, they guide us [...Read More!]

Jul 132010
Andy's Article: When the Video Game Dream Awakes

Article #7 in the ESL Student Life Story Project, by Andy from China, age 20.

The light passed through the window near my bed and fell on my face.  The weakness of the sun woke me, and I opened my eyes.  My view through the window saw a dim scene, and I suddenly realized something was wrong.

Before going to sleep, I had been playing an online game called  World of [...Read More!]

Jul 132010
An Update on this Educational Travel Blog Empire

Yes, you read that right: I just referred to all this as an Educational Travel Blog EMPIRE.  And I am one happy Empress.

Ambition, folks, ambition!  Mark my words: this whole thing will get bigger and bigger, so climb aboard early!

Here is an update on what’s shakin’ on this end:

1. My first ever video interview was just published on NY1 (click for the link!) regarding TBEX10, the world travel blogging conference, and [...Read More!]

Jul 122010
Meaad's Article: The Best Art Exhibition Ever

Article #6 in the ESL Student Life Stories Project, by Meaad from Saudi Arabia, age 23.

When the day came, we were worried and excited at the same time.  We held each others’ hands tightly, because we had worked so hard as a team to make our first exhibition a successful one.  And that night was the night when the world would see our creative efforts!

My name is Meaad, and [...Read More!]

Jul 092010
Eileen's Article: An Italian Hand on my Korean Arm

Article #5 in the ESL Student Life Stories Project, by Eileen from Korea, age 20.

“Don’t do that!” I screamed.

His hand was on my arm, squeezing and rubbing it.  He replied to me, “Your arms are so soft, I want to touch them!”

His name was Romano and he was from Italy.  I met him the third week after I came to the USA from my home country of Korea, at an English [...Read More!]

Jul 082010
Alaa's Article: My Childhood Dream

Article #4 in the ESL Student Life Story Project, by Alaa from Saudi Arabia, age 26.

I felt like a princess in her palace!  What a huge home!  Everything was new and shining, and all lights were turned on.  A heavenly smell wafted from the bouquet of white and pink roses at the entrance.

I was fifteen years old when we moved to my family’s current house in Jeddah, [...Read More!]

Jul 082010
Sebastian's Article: The Truth About My Brother

Article #3 in the ESL Student Life Stories Project, by Sebastian from Colombia, age 17.

I didn’t understand what was going on.  There were tears in my mother’s eyes and my brother looked so sad.

I was in my room, a very dark and cold room, standing between my bed and my brother’s blue crib. The only sound was coming from our giant grandfather clock: tick, tock… tick, tock…

I only [...Read More!]

Jul 072010
Msharf's Article: Shooting Birds in Saudi Arabia

Article #2 in the ESL Student Life Stories Project, by Msharf from Saudi Arabia, age 24.

One day during the migration season in Saudi Arabia, nine of my friends and I went into the desert to hunt.

We woke up at five in the morning to distribute the work between us.  First, we chose a boss for the group to settle any small disagreements that may come, though usually we agree.

Next, we prepared [...Read More!]

Jul 042010
Cho's Article: My Fenway Dream, Shattered!

Article #1 in the ESL Student Life Stories Project, by Cho from Korea, age 30.

I seemed to fly to the sky and the moment was the best day in my life! All around me were fans in red tee-shirts, and the green field was so beautiful.  I was actually in Fenway Park watching the Boston Red Sox play the New York Yankees!

But shockingly, this magic moment was cut short [...Read More!]

Jul 012010
Get Psyched for ESL Student Life Stories!

A snapshot of today: a Saudi Arabian student was peer editing an article with her Chinese classmate, nodding intently.  A grinning Colombian was conferencing about grammar with a classmate from Japan.  And at a computer, Cho from Korea was writing a response to my Ghanaian former student Harry’s article: “School Far From Family.”

Cho left the following message for Harry, which Harry will receive all the [...Read More!]