Mar 182010
Emmanuella's Article 2: Dangers of Fetching Water

Article #25 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project Nearly Dying from Fetching River Water By Boateng Emmanuella, Age 14

First my bucket fell into the river, and then I tumbled in, too! I didn’t know how to swim, and there was nobody around to help me!

I was a girl of fourteen years old. At around ten o’clock in the morning, the water tap in my house stopped flowing, and [...Read More!]

Mar 172010
An AMAZING Food Secret. Try It!

Your mother will be furious at what I’m about to reveal to you. For years, she tried to turn you into a refined Etiquette Eddie or Edna, drilling in Good Table Manners and shaking her head, “NO!” at such disgusting offenses as playing with your food.

Well, what you are about to learn will topple the foundations of your Good Table Manners forever.

Here’s the secret: Food tastes twenty times better when [...Read More!]

Mar 162010
Patience's Article 2: An Academic Prize

Article #24 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project The Joy of Being Congratulated for Hard Work By Patience, Age 13

“Guess who is the best Information and Communications Technology student?” asked the director of YCC. Everybody was asking themselves who that person could be.

The end of the Youth Creating Change (YCC) academic year had come to an end, and so, as they do every year, YCC’s Director [...Read More!]

Mar 152010
Edinam's Article 2: My First Sleepover

Article #23 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project My First Sleepover With Friends By Edinam Tamakloe, Age 14

It was the sixth of March, Ghana’s Independence Day. Every year we celebrate this fine day by marching down the street and giving presents. We enjoy it so much!

After celebrating, I went back home only to find my brother and his friends asking me, “How will we celebrate [...Read More!]

Mar 142010
Your Comments Make Ghana Students Happy!

Do you know what an impact your comments on the Ghana student articles have made?

Yesterday was a big day. It was the first opportunity for the Ghanaian students in our Saturday Cross-Culture class to see their articles online and to read your comments!

Internet access in Ghana’s Volta Region is scarce, expensive, and slow, thus students rarely get online. For days, now, I’ve run into students in town and exclaimed: [...Read More!]

Mar 122010
Fafali's Article: Shock and Opportunity

Article #21 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project How I Was Preparing for My Journey Before a Terrible Loss Occurred By Tamakloe Fafali, Age 15

In September of 2005, I left my parents and my hometown village of Adutor to move to Sogakope, the capital of the South Tongu District, in order to further my education.

I had enrolled in one of the best private schools in the area: Mawuli International [...Read More!]

Mar 122010
7 Straight Months of 'Round the World Travel!

The clock strikes midnight in Ghana, and all of a sudden I have officially been traveling around the world for SEVEN months!

Ten minutes ago, I was lying abed here in Sogakope: my eyes darting through the darkness, our rooster neighbor prematurely crowing outside, sweat gumming my limbs, tiny bugs crawling over… and my mind racing about how this journey has evolved.

It was nearly midnight but I couldn’t resist slithering to the [...Read More!]

Mar 112010
Easteria's Article 2: Fire and Development

Article #20 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project When I Was Nearly Burned to Death By Edor Easteria, Age 14

I started shouting: “Give me water please, I beg, otherwise I will die!”

I was four years old when I got burnt by fire. This happened on a day when my mother left to the market to sell. My mother did not come back early, and so [...Read More!]

Mar 102010
Edinam T.'s Article: My Happiest Moments

Article #19 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project The Happiest Moments in My Life By Edinam Titiati, Age 14

I would like to share with you the happiest moments in my life. Everything started when I became part of Youth Creating Change of Ghana.

One day, a YCC staff member came to my school to tell us about the YCC Pilot Reading Club. If our school joined the [...Read More!]