Jan 042010
The Diverted Flight and Airport Madness!

Our plane had been circling around and around Frankfurt, Germany for an hour when the captain’s sing-song German came on the loudspeaker.

“Nice!” I smiled to myself, gazing at the bruised purple snow clouds below us that had delayed our arrival so far, “I should still be able to catch my 10:30 flight to Accra if I run!”

The captain cleared his throat and the English translation began. “Unfortunately,” he said sheepishly [...Read More!]

Jan 032010
11 Most Intense Moments of Around the World, 2009

As you read this pre-programmed post, I am flying from Italy to Ghana! I am SO EXCITED and happy about this, and I cannot wait to see what the next three months will bring.

Now, if you’re looking for the drama, you’ve come to the right article. This list will link you directly to the eleven most scary, transformative, and adrenaline-filled moments of the past five months of the Around the [...Read More!]

Jan 022010
7 Most Delicious Foods of Around the World 2009!

Are you hungry yet? Hopefully you will be after reading this countdown. As you peruse this pre-programmed post, I’m on the train north to Milan, Italy from Florence!

Given the amount of deliciousness I’ve inhaled in the past five months, there may be some glaring gaps in this list, so feel free to weigh in on YOUR votes for best world food of 2009.

As before, please click on the blue links [...Read More!]

Jan 012010
10 Most Beautiful Places of Around the World, 2009!


May these (totally-unrelated-to-the-article) photos from climbing the Duomo in Florence with my sweet family put you in a good mood for 2010!

Now… I resolve: For as long as the savings hold out, and perhaps longer, I will see this thing through. Travel! Writing! Connections! Crafting a career that will contribute positively to society, while keeping the passion going!

A giant THANK YOU to you for reading this blog. [...Read More!]

Dec 312009
Touring Florence 2: The David!

We all fell in love today. How could we not? Michelangelo’s David is stunning.

You see the photos everywhere, and you don’t really care. Meh– just another curly-haired naked dude, right? But listen: if you pay the ten Euro entrance fee to actually see Michelangelo’s David sculpture in person, you WILL feel as if you’ve gotten your money’s worth, and more.

Here is a smattering of guidebook facts and [...Read More!]

Dec 302009
Touring Florence, Part 1!

Attention: If you are planning a long Round the World voyage, I urge you to arrange some way for your family to meet you halfway through your trip, halfway between where you are and they are!

Words cannot express how happy I am right now to be reunited with my family this week!!!

Bless their jetlagged selves, my mother, father, and brother searched the cheapest tickets they could find to Europe (halfway to [...Read More!]

Dec 292009
Observations About Rome in December

What beautiful and fascinating sights might you see if you wandered the chilly cobblestones of Rome in late December?

Take a peek…

1. Ruins preserved smack-dab in the center of a living metropolis. It’s heartbreaking if you think about it: Ancient Rome was the greatest civilization around, and yet it crumbled.

Today, in the middle of this thriving city, we still stare at the ancient kingdom’s rubble.

Doesn’t it give you an icy shiver, reminding [...Read More!]

Dec 282009
Nine Years Ago on this Bridge in Rome...

Nine years ago, on this very bridge in Rome, I realized that a trip around the world would be possible as a woman traveling alone.

How? I was nineteen years old, it was eleven at night, and a psychotic Italian vagrant was trying to attack me on a bridge.

The summer after my Sophomore year in college was the first time I traveled abroad alone. I had searched the internet and found [...Read More!]

Dec 272009
Bangkok to Rome, Via Dubai!

I have just woken up in a drafty high-ceilinged room in Rome, surrounded by five fifteen year old Italian boys and one sweet college lad from Hong Kong named Himmy. Did you know that “Mixed Gender Hostel Dorm” actually means, “Lots-a Boys”?

The Italian fellows are gesturing wildly as they explain to us how they are traveling for ten days and will need loads of presents to make it up [...Read More!]

Dec 262009
Bangkok Signs to Make You Smile While I Fly to Italy

Happy Holidays, all!

Right now I’m freaking out. In exactly twelve hours, as this article is auto-published, I will be flying through the air from Bangkok to Rome, via Dubai. This will be a CRAZY shift after nearly five months in Southeast Asia!

How to take this in?! How to process this?! Here’s how I’ve tried:

1. Acknowledged: I AM ready (and even super-psyched!) to move on to the next [...Read More!]