Sep 122009
The Heart of Tourist Bangkok!

“LAST STOP, BANGKOK!” hollered the bus driver from the pitch black.

“What the–” mumbled Stevie from the bus floor where he had been fitfully sleeping on his balled-up pants for the past eight hours. Everyone else peered from under their face masks in utter confusion.

It was 3am. We weren’t supposed to arrive until 6am. “Can we just keep driving around?” asked a small voice from the back.

And yet there we [...Read More!]

Sep 122009
Coping with Worry from Afar

I am writing this on the three hour ferry ride from Ko Tao to Chumpon so I don’t throw up.

“Did you say something to upset my girlfriend, man?” asked the red-cheeked Brit, leaning dangerously into Daniel’s face. “You looking to fight?”

“IS-RAY-ELLL!!” hollered Daniel, throwing his dreadlocked head back. All of a sudden, thirty bare-chested Israeli former soldiers surrounded him, arms crossed in bodyguard stance.

The shaking Brit extended his hand [...Read More!]

Sep 092009
Want Eye Candy? Travel.

“Why do you reckon everyone backpacking in Thailand is so damn attractive?” asked the Scottish boy, slurping his mango juice and gesturing out along Sairee beach at the bodies dancing in the firelight.

Over vegetable spring rolls, we compiled the following list:

- From the other Scottish boy: “If you weigh fifty stone, you’re more likely just to sit at home and eat yer fish and chips, cause you’d [...Read More!]

Sep 092009
Half-Naked Up a Mountain

For the first time in my entire life (excluding wee, wee infancy), I am NOT starting school today, this Tuesday after Labor Day. Wow. Today, for the first time, I am NOT a student, and NOT a teacher. Rather, I am just me, sitting on the porch of my $7 bungalow on a Thai beach, blasting Toto’s 80′s ballad, “Winds Down in Africa” to ease the aches of [...Read More!]

Sep 072009
Hire Me! Publish Me! Make me famous, rich, and arrogant!

Do you or someone you know work for an electronic or print publication?

Consider hiring me to write for it!

Here are three options:

1. Swim around in the fifty or so articles already posted on this blog, and select one to fifty to buy and re-print in your publication. I am fully open to editing, should there be ways to make what I’ve already written more fitting for your readership. There’s [...Read More!]

Sep 052009
Westerners and Foreigners Only?!

“For your safety and security, this party is for Westerners and Foreigners only.” What do you think about this? What are the reasons behind it? Safety in what sense?

In many “developing countries” with gorgeous natural resources, there are mini tourist-only playgrounds (some say “backpacker ghettos”) nestled in delicious strips of beach or hills. The idea is that tourists with money come to play… and want to be [...Read More!]

Sep 052009
Magical Hidden Beaches of Ko Phan gan!!!

You are minding your business on the dirty town center beach, climbing jagged rock faces to try to get to the first of the pristine hidden beaches of Ko Phan gan which are tucked miles apart, wedged behind the rockin’ town, accessible only by boat or jungle trek. You are getting extremely sweaty, dirty, and persecuted by weird dog packs.Suddenly: “You want water taxi?” says the Thai man, holding up a [...Read More!]