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5 Facts on Teaching ESL… and my Blogiversary!


Caught in the act of passionate blogging (in Japan)!

First: today my info-packed article, “5 Facts About TEFL Courses and Teaching ESL” was published on The Expeditioner. Check it out for handy tips about teaching English to speakers of other languages!

Second, let us pause to celebrate a milestone.

Exactly 365 days ago on this date, I clicked a button labeled “Create New Blog,” trembling slightly with the nervousness that comes from embarking on something utterly foreign.

A blog? I had barely thought twice about blogs before, but it seemed I might as well make one if I was going to journey around the world.

Holy moly cannoli… I had no idea the entire universe that single click would open wide to me! Nor did I anticipate the following fact: in the past 15 days this blog has had nearly 10,000 VISITS, and the trend is to have still more next week! Yeah!

To see how it all began, click here for my very first blog post.

On this YEAR anniversary of this blog, it is fantastically pleasurable to realize what wonderful skills, connections, opportunities, and thrills it has created so far. Hooray!

And a special thanks to YOU, because it is readers like yourself who make the whole experience zing with such scrumptious spice.

Happy Blogiversary to my baby,, and may there be many more anniversaries to come!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.