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7 Straight Months of ‘Round the World Travel!

The clock strikes midnight in Ghana, and all of a sudden I have officially been traveling around the world for SEVEN months!

Ten minutes ago, I was lying abed here in Sogakope: my eyes darting through the darkness, our rooster neighbor prematurely crowing outside, sweat gumming my limbs, tiny bugs crawling over… and my mind racing about how this journey has evolved.

It was nearly midnight but I couldn’t resist slithering to the floor to retrieve and reboot my little computer to write this.

We know from Elizabeth Gilbert’s famous memoir that her world and self path went like this: Eat (Italy) -> Pray (India) -> Love (Indonesia).

How would I sum up my nine-month, still-incomplete trajectory, from the mountain view of month seven?

How about: Hedonize/Rock it Out/Indulge (Southeast Asia) -> Volunteer/Learn/Reflect like Heck (Ghana) -> Put-It-All-Together (Iberia)?

Here’s hoping on that last “Put it all together” one! As an English teacher, I can tell you that this journey currently has several symbolic elements which are foreshadowing some serious discoveries to arrive somewhere in Spain. We’ll see how they pan out!

In the meantime, gentle readers, please do not hesitate to leave comments, click the reaction buttons at the end of each article you read (ex: “interesting”), and share this site around by whatever means possible! I put a ton of love and time into it and I know there are even more great folks out there who can make use of the nearly 250 articles so far.

There are two months left in this (first) Around the World baby, so stay tuned!

Photo Note: The two pictures in this article were taken today in a YCC partner school in Dabala, Ghana during our weekly Penpal Exchange class. One of the (highly interesting) letters received was from a girl from Pakistan who had moved to Kentucky, who was internet commuting to a “cyber school” in California… who will soon get a letter from a Ghanaian student that will be emailed by YCC’s new Norwegian volunteers! What an amazing global embrace!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.