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A Humble Birthday Present Request

Tomorrow, October 7th, is my twenty-eighty birthday! Huzzah!!! I may or may not be on a seven hour bus ride to the central mountains of Vietnam, but we’ll deal with that later.

In the meantime, do you desire to give me a small gift? If so, here is my present request: please forward this website to one or two people who you think might enjoy it, or (let’s be practical) who can help make me rich and famous.

Thank you! I really do appreciate it :) We’re at nearly 100 readers a day, and my goal is exponential growth from now on!

Seven hour bus ride tomorrow or not, I know I will have a fantastic birthday. Why? Because I am on a journey around the world that is making me endlessly happy, and I have the chance to write until my fingers tingle… and to connect with YOU!

Here is a reminder of four ways to interact with this blog… because I LOVE when you interact.

1. Leave a comment by clicking the “Comments” link at the bottom of a specific article.

2. Click one of the reaction buttons to anonymously declare a post: beautiful, funny, interesting, weird, or useful

3. “Follow” or “Subscribe” to the blog by clicking the button in the middle of the right sidebar

4. Directly email me at:

Many thanks, and and a happy October sixth to you!

(Note: These are old favorite photos from August in Tokyo and September in Bangkok… They are not from the small beach town in Vietnam where I currently am!)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.