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An Update on this Educational Travel Blog Empire

Sunset shadow puppets

July 4th, we had fun with hand shadows! This is: Moose.

Yes, you read that right: I just referred to all this as an Educational Travel Blog EMPIRE. And I am one happy Empress.

Ambition, folks, ambition! Mark my words: this whole thing will get bigger and bigger, so climb aboard early!

Here is an update on what’s shakin’ on this end:

1. My first ever video interview was just published on NY1 (click for the link!) regarding TBEX10, the world travel blogging conference, and the report is set to play on television this weekend!

It is currently the number one most viewed article on NY1, and I am extremely honored to report that it also features travel writing luminaries such as Don George (who literally wrote the book on Travel Writing), Johnny Jet, and Spud Hilton. Check it out when you get a chance!

2. I must extend a massive THANK YOU to all of your for your participation in the ESL Student Life Story Project. We work really hard on these articles, and it means so much to us when you leave comments.

Roofdeck in Boston

We were on a roof high above glorious Boston!

In class each day, we read your messages out loud, and many of them spur on great debates, exciting vocabulary lessons, and even impromptu geography lessons! (Shout-out to James Clark who signed his comment: “An Australian in Bulgaria.”)

Keep your interaction coming!

3. As you may know, I am the Boston coordinator for the national “Meet Plan Go” event on September 14 about extended travel and career break travel.

If you have some wanderlust in you but need some inspiration, sign up for updates today at!

We’ve been working our tails off to make the upcoming Boston event spectacular: over a hundred expected guests, prize GIVEAWAYS (free trip to Peru interest you??), top-notch speakers, a sexy venue, and much more. Sign up and stay tuned!

Hancock in Boston

The Hancock building smiles on July 4th roofdecks!

4. I humbly ask your assistance to find a corporate sponsor for my upcoming, heartwarming mission.

Sometime between mid-August and early September, I need to fly to London for about a week to reunite with dear Ghana students on their first ever trip outside of West Africa.

Alas, the plane tickets cost between $800 to $1000, and I am living off an ESL teacher’s salary. And there’s where the heroic funder comes in!

What’s in it for the saintly corporation that helps support this trip?

Boston roofdecks

What a view of the Charles River… and even the Citgo Sign!

I am scheduled to publish numerous articles about this remarkable educational exchange between London and Ghana, and any company that helps will receive numerous mentions (regarding its humanitarian heart) on this same high-ranked travel blog (ranked in the top 60 of the web!)– and beyond.

I know it’s a long shot, but please get in touch with me if you have any leads on flying me to London!

5. Boston is awesome. These photos are from the stunning Beacon Hill roofdeck of a friend of a friend, where we joyfully watched the fireworks for the Fourth of July.

We were filled with love for our dear country… and we were also filled with hot dogs and hamburgers.


Yay, Boston fireworks, and yay America!

 What a night and what a place!

So that’s the state of The Empire, as of today.

As you can see, things are picking up steam, and the passion is paying off!

Recently, people have been remarking, “You seem really happy!” and I realize that is true. The impossible-seeming dream of combining teaching, travel, writing, and glorious fame is actually becoming a reality, and though I’m working my rear off to create it, it’s happening… and it’s lovely.

Thanks again for all your support, and please continue to interact on this blog, on the Facebook Page, on Twitter, and on Stumble Upon.

Hugs, kisses, and have a great afternoon.

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