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Chuckle-ish Signs from Chiang Mai

It’s fun to mish and mush the English language and see what happens! For language-twisting lovers, it is a particular delight to ponder signs in foreign countries.

I was strolling in Chiang Mai’s hot sun for too long today, and after a while the local signposts began to conjure up hilarious scenes in my head. See if you giggle as much as I did at these examples, or if I really just have an overactive imagination and need to take a cold bath.

1. Top Left: “Massage with hammer.”

Apparently, hammer massage (with a small, delicate wood stick) is actually an official type of Thai massage. BUT the sign still evokes images of the following scene:

“Ahh… that feels… wait, what’s that giant metal– AGHHH!! OWWW!!! OWWW!!!”

“This will stop the backache for good, sir”: BAM.


2. Top Right: “Washy Mashy Laundromat.”

This sign just sounds cute. I can’t tell if they meant to say “Wishy Washy”, or just sort of invented two words, but I like it. Wouldn’t “Washy Mashy” be a cute puppy name?

3. Second from top on the Left: “Please Become too Confidential with our Service.”

But… but then no one will know about your company, and you won’t get any business!

4. Second from top on the Right: “PP Hair Cut.”

This is me being three years old, but come on– can’t you picture… ok, I’ll stop. :) Hehehe.

5. Third from top on the Left: “Child and Career Development Center.”

WHOA there! I immediately see a sleazy man in a cheap suit who greets any woman walking into the door with: “Hey baby, can I help you develop a baby? Oh, and we can find you a job, too, maybe.”

6. Third from top on the Right: “Ido Idea.”

Clearly, this is someone with a reaaally bad cold answering the question: “What is 12,348 divided by 3.52?” Get it???

Hehe… I love me some English Language twiddling! Now, off to take a cold shower.

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