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Crazy Exciting Coming Events in Travel

Boston sunset

The sun caressing dear Boston, as seen from a Southie roof

The horizon is glowing gold.

Why? Because two thrilling travel-themed events are rising up in the near future, and you should know about them!

First, on September 14, 2010, over a dozen cities across the continent will hold an event called “Meet, Plan, Go“: an interactive panel discussion on how to take a career break and follow your dream of traveling!

Want to know who is the Boston coordinator for this event? I am! So dear readers, please go right ahead and contact me if you have ideas for how make this event great. Currently, we are in negotiations to choose our sponsors (we already have a bunch of GREAT travel giveaways for you!) and our venue (it will be sexy and fun, that’s for sure), but the most important thing of all will be our program. Specifically if you know any awesome folks who will be in Boston on 9/14 and could speak on our travel career break panel, please put me in contact with them!

Stay tuned for developing updates, and by all means, link up with us by signing up on the Meet Plan Go website and by clicking “Like” on our Facebook page!

Moving on. The other travel-themed event on the horizon is TBEX ’10: The famous Travel Blog Exchange conference which will take place in New York City this very weekend!

Boston sunset

The Hancock Tower smiles upon a fun South Boston fundraiser

Tickets sold out months and months and months ago, and the waiting list is now so long that they opened a second conference room where people who didn’t get into the main shindig can view the simulcast proceedings. The web is swirling with eager anticipation for the event!

Me, I am absolutely abuzz with excitement to at last meet all the travel bloggers and travel industry professionals from around the globe who I have grown to know and love over the past eleven months from their typed words and pixelated photos alone. I had no idea before I entered this travel blogging world what a vibrant family I would be joining, but I can honestly say now: Wow. T’is an honor to be “working alongside” such smart, motivated, adventurous folks!

On a professional note, the zing of partnership, mentoring, learning and networking opportunities will be out of this world. On a giggling, schoolgirlish note, I must admit I have high hopes for watching the potential romantic drama of TBEX ’10 unfold. Forgive me: I am a Literature teacher, and passion makes great stories!

Boston sunset

We need to capture these golden moments!

Come on, visualize this for a moment with me: Hundreds of worldly, accomplished, sunburned travel studs and stud-ettes packed into the same conference for three straight days? Some of whom have already fallen a little in love with each other’s prose and spirit?

That’s right… this weekend could very well be like Grey’s Anatomy, but with a lot less blood and a lot more frequent flyer miles!

Apparently this is what I get from six years teaching high school: The mind of a fifteen year old. But on a positive note, this is what I get from setting sail into the travel blog ocean last July: the chance to join (and even run!) really cool events with fascinating folks. Passion, ahoy!


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Friday 25th of June 2010

I wish I knew about this TBX'10 event sooner!! I keep up regularly with the top travel bloggers but I must have missed the posts on this and on TBEX. I will watch the livestream!!

I am a VEGAN travel blogger who has been around the world to 5 continents, not all at once, but over ten year span. Still more countries to visit!!

I feel that vegetarian and vegan world travel bloggers should be represented at The Meet, Plan, Go event too!! :) I have experience in travels to 5 continents and a perspective of vegetarian/vegan vegan dining options globally.

Heidi Reyes

Friday 25th of June 2010

I'm glad to hear about these events! I've signed up for the Meet, Plan, Go newsletter. Thanks for writing such a great blog! :)


Thursday 24th of June 2010

I feel the same way about TBEX--I'm like a giddy schoolgirl, too! I absolutely can't wait to meet and learn from the bloggers I've been reading and tweeting with for the past year. I look forward to meeting you!!


Monday 21st of June 2010

Love all of your comments and Re-Tweeting :) And Teresa, I'm particularly psyched to meet you, as you may be the only other human out there who can rival my zest for exclamation marks!!! :) Keep the communications coming, all!


Monday 21st of June 2010

I absolutely love this post! I'm Teresa, from Art of Backpacking or the Philadelphia host!

I am also giddy excited for Tbex and MPG! Looking forward to meeting you and the 234234 others that will be there! (Okay, not that many, but it will feel like it.)

Also, I'm a writer/journalist/travel blogger maniac, and I love what you said about passion!

I do think there are a lot of cute travel bloggers behind the screen. Oh boy!

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