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Edinam T.’s Article: A Happy British-Ghanaian Student Exchange

Article #19 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project
The Happiest Moments in My Life

By Edinam Titiati, Age 14

I would like to share with you the happiest moments in my life. Everything started when I became part of Youth Creating Change of Ghana.

One day, a YCC staff member came to my school to tell us about the YCC Pilot Reading Club. If our school joined the club, YCC would allow twenty students to pick books out of the YCC library each week. After reading and discussing the books, we would exchange our books for new ones and continue the learning process. Any lost book would need to be replaced. Happily, my school joined!

Edinam, the student author of this article.
Edinam, the student author of this article.

It was really exciting when I first entered the YCC library because there are hardly any libraries in Ghana’s Volta Region. I was also quite scared! But as the months passed, I learned so many things from the Reading Club. I learned a whole lot of new words, not to mention wonderful stories.

I was pleased to learn there would be a Grand Quiz of Reading between members of the pilot Reading Clubs. It was a heated competition that lasted many months! In the twenty initial rounds, my school competed against four other youth groups, and the questions about the books we had read were really tough! In the final round (pictured to the lower right), the YCC Kids Club group emerged as the winner of the competition.

All students and schools that successfully took part in the Pilot Reading Club programme were given amazing prizes, including backpacks, bicycles, and even a computer! We all vowed to read and study even better for next year to win top prize. But even if we don’t win, it is really fun being a member of the YCC Reading Club!

In addition to the Reading Club, I was luckily chosen to become part of the Map Commonwealth Youth Exchange Programme, because I am very smart and confident. This programme is an educational youth exchange between Ghana and the United Kingdom!

The Grand Quiz in Sogakope, Ghana.
The Grand Quiz in Sogakope, Ghana.

When thirteen British youths arrived to visit us here in Ghana for three weeks last August through this exchange, we learned so much from each other! I also learned much about my own country thanks to the touristic sights we were able to visit in Ghana with our British guests: Kakum National Park, Cape Coast Castle, and more.

Part of the Cross-Cultural learning was painful at first. For example, we were given some of the British students’ favourite foods to eat, but we couldn’t always eat them because we thought they were tasteless. Then, when our new British friends were given our Ghanaian foods, some of them complained, and others even vomited!

There was also a serious argument about religion in our rooms one evening. Some of our British counterparts had different views about God and the Bible than we did, and we debated late into the night. By the morning time, we really didn’t come to an agreement, but we were all full of new ideas and new energy.

I hope we will continue the conversation when our group of Ghanaian students reunites with our British friends in the United Kingdom this August!

Edinam and a friend in Ghana.
Edinam and a friend in Ghana.

You might be surprised to learn that the best moments of my life contained portions of fear, vomiting, and heated debates, but you know that the excellent minutes far outweighed the difficult. I cannot express to you how much these YCC programmes have helped me to learn and grow… and how very, very fun they have been!

Youths and adults of the world, let us recognize and support the work of worthwhile nonprofit organizations like YCC!

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Jasmine E. C

Monday 22nd of October 2012

Dear, Edinam You're story is really Amazing, and i am very happy for you. Good luck, my friend. ~much love, Jasmine


Wednesday 27th of October 2010

I now appreciate the stuff that I now have instead of wanting the stuff that I don't have.

Mohamed Abdelrahim

Monday 25th of October 2010

Hi Edinam. I loved your story. I would really love to be part of a YCC now that I know how fun it is to be a member of. You could even choose the books that are required to read ulike here in America. I live in Boston, MA the books required are chosen by the teacher. I loved your extroardinary word choice and I hope tp read more from you. Bye.


Monday 19th of July 2010

Ah, there are three topics that can generate heated debate worldwide (and even in the United States): politics, sex, and religion. All I can contribute is that different cultures have different beliefs and different ways of life. There are even differences within some of the same cultures, much like life in America.

When I observe this, I remember a quote from Voltaire, who said "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." This quote reminds us that we can have our differences and disagree with civility and when it is all said, we continue to show respect for all.


Sunday 15th of August 2010

i like your will continue...............................god bless.........................


Tuesday 29th of June 2010

Dear Edinam , i really liked your story and i hope that you will have the chance to go to the UK and to learn much more ,, good luck :) fatima from saudi arabia currently living in boston

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