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Happiness on the eve of Japan! :)

No joke, the food is mmm-mmm lusciously better in San Francisco. This was illustrated by the map of the U.S. muraled on the wall at the organic brunch place we all munched through this morning. On the left side of the map (California) were pictures of succulent rainbow-colored fruits and veggies. On the right side (Massachusetts) was a picture of… a college! A college feeds the mind, yeah, but yum yum yum for fresh California broccoli-carrot stir fry on our plates!:)

It has been absolutely lovely spending time in this glistening ivory city with my bro and dear friends! On the eve of my flight to Japan, I am so freaking excited I cannot express. There is nothing in the world I’d rather be doing than this Round the World journey! Ok, so maybe there were 2 big earthquakes in Japan last week and my friend-of-a-friend floor to stay on when I arrive in Tokyo has changed 3 times… But HUZZAH and jumping up an down with the utter JOY of exploration!!!! :D Love to all, and the next dispatch will be after my Japan arrival on Sunday!


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Thursday 13th of September 2012

my favorite city in the whole world ;) and its a great picture by the way.

Wilson Chan

Friday 4th of March 2011

That is an EPIC picture :D.


Wednesday 14th of July 2010

The picture looks like the background from the intro to the 80s sitcom "Full House."


Wednesday 14th of July 2010

Drew!! Honored to have your comment on my blog! In fact, this pic IS the same place as the intro to "Full House": Alamo Square Park in San Francisco. Good eye! :)

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