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Magical Hidden Beaches of Ko Phan gan!!!

You are minding your business on the dirty town center beach, climbing jagged rock faces to try to get to the first of the pristine hidden beaches of Ko Phan gan which are tucked miles apart, wedged behind the rockin’ town, accessible only by boat or jungle trek. You are getting extremely sweaty, dirty, and persecuted by weird dog packs.

Suddenly: “You want water taxi?” says the Thai man, holding up a map of the thirty hidden beaches.
“I’d love one,” you say, “but I only brought a little money today.”
“No problem,” he smiles. “I find more girls, then I find men to pay for you.”

Before I could say, “Wha–” I was suddenly in a gorgeous longtailed boat with two very nice British lasses, a French personal trainer, and a Spanish restaurant owner. Yes, we were a VERY good-looking boat. (Um, VERY.)

For the next six hours we explored so many gorgeous hidden beaches, I nearly cried with delight. AGHHHHHH!!!! Feast upon the pictures and feel the soft, warm green water and fluffy white sand!!! AGHHHH!!!!!!! Henceforth, if I feel stressed and need to go to a “happy place”, these beaches will swirl to mind and hug me happy :) May they do the same for you!

(And, yes, I recognize the peril of women accepting free things simply because we are women, but in this particular case, my sketchball radar was in fine form and it worked out for me and my British lady friends a-ok fantastic. Traveling as a solo female has enough stresses; let’s celebrate the boons!!)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.