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Patience’s Article 2: An Academic Prize in a Youth Program in Ghana

Article #24 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project
The Joy of Being Congratulated for Hard Work
By Patience, Age 13

“Guess who is the best Information and Communications Technology student?” asked the director of YCC. Everybody was asking themselves who that person could be.

Patience, the student author of this article.
Patience, the student author of this article.

The end of the Youth Creating Change (YCC) academic year had come to an end, and so, as they do every year, YCC’s Director John and Bright Star Vision USA’s founder, Marla, organised an educational celebration to motivate students who have been doing well academically. This year, kind students from Austria, Europe, helped to raise money for our celebration!

On the ninth of January, 2010, this motivational program began. We gathered in our best clothes with our families under the shade of two big tents and a grove of trees. In the audience were two volunteers from America who had just arrived! At nine in the morning, the program started with the opening prayer from Mr. Collins, the program director of Youth Creating Change. After the prayer, the Director, John Glidden, read a speech about YCC which explained: ”YCC is a nonprofit organization which creates a positive change in our youth: One youth, One community at a time.”

Then we danced to the tune of a local Ghanaian song. We danced happily because that day was a special day in everybody’s life.

John, director of YCC, giving awards.
John, director of YCC, giving awards.

Madam Lillie, an English teacher from Boston who had just arrived in Ghana, gave a speech in which she told us: “Students, keep working hard because it WILL pay off. Parents, do your best to visit the school and support your children’s teachers!”

Kwabla, the son of BSV’s founder, Marla, then quoted a letter from his mother which read: “I greet all of you and congratulate you on your strong work. I will be visiting again in March. Keep reading your books!” Then we had a music break and we danced again.

Me giving student awards in Ghana.
Me giving student awards in Ghana.

This time everybody was frightened because the programme had come to the part we had all been waiting for. The Director rose up and asked, ”Are you all happy?” We all shouted in chorus, ”Yes, we are!”

“We have come to the important part of this program,” the Director bellowed. “We will be rewarding the kids we have in YCC!”

One by one, each of us was called up for the YCC Participation Award, and at last my name was mentioned! I ran quickly for my award. It was a backpack, notebooks, and a certificate! We were all so happy. Many of our families cannot pay for school supplies, and so they were grateful for the gifts we had earned.

Then the Director said, ”We are now going to award the students according to their behaviours in class.”
Madam Lillie presented the first award to Shine, a friend of mine, as the best attendance. I was sitting patiently, wondering if my name would come up. I was hoping!

Patience with the Youth Creating Change sign.
Patience with the Youth Creating Change sign.

Then the Director asked us: “Who is the best Information and Communications Technology (ICT) student in the class?” Nobody answered him. Everyone was hoping it was their own name!

The Director continued, building suspense, “The person is our own sister and friend.” By this time everybody was eager to hear the person’s name.

There was a pause, and then at last the name was mentioned… and it was my name: Patience!

I ran with joy for my certificate and my award. I was very grateful and proud, and I realised that good work brings good rewards. I thank YCC, BSV, and the Austrian pupils for organising this program! Events like this really do motivate us to learn more and to build on our skills and ability.

Lillie’s Note: Please leave Patience a comment, stating your geographical location! For an earlier article I wrote about this award ceremony, click here.


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Thursday 20th of January 2011

Great job, Patience!! Keep up the good work! Like Ms. Marshall said, "...keep working hard because it WILL pay off." She is absolutely correct. It will pay off in the end as long as you try your best!


Tuesday 26th of October 2010

Such a happy day i wish i could of been there!

Imported Blogger Comments

Thursday 27th of May 2010

Drew said... Congratulations Patience!

Drew Jones Wilmington, North Carolina USA

March 17, 2010 10:30 AM

Anonymous said... Congratulations Patience! Keep up the good work, it WILL take you far some day!!

Cassie Cramer Somerville, MA USA

March 18, 2010 8:07 PM

Luddy Sr. said... Patience,

Who is this Kwabla character you speak briefly about? I would like to hear more about him and his speeches.

Ha! Just kidding. This was one of my favorite days in Ghana. The dancing and fun along with the awards for all of the hard work from the past year made for a great day. I was so happy to be there.

Congratulations on winning the award for best ICT student! That is a great accomplishment!

-Kwabla (Connecticut, USA)

March 28, 2010 8:59 AM

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