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Teaching Traveling Inspiration Night in Boston, March 31!

A photo I took in Ghana last year: "Computer on Head!"

A photo I took in Ghana last year: “Computer on Head!”

Why should we care if teachers follow their travel dreams or not?

Here’s one reason: if we teachers are telling students they can and should follow their dreams… shouldn’t WE do what it takes to follow our own travel dreams as well?

Speaking for myself, I was ready to leave teaching altogether when I left the country in August of 2009 after six years teaching in Boston Public Schools. I felt exhausted, in a rut, and jittery for knowledge of “what else is out there.” And so, as this blog documents, I flew out to connect with the world!

After nine phenomenal (and shockingly inexpensive) months traveling around the world using money I had saved, I returned to teaching in Boston Public Schools in the Fall of 2010 as a different woman: excited, passionate, present, and brimming with new teaching strategies, perspective, and curriculum.

Ko Lanta, Thailand: the beach does a teacher good!

Ko Lanta, Thailand: the beach does a teacher good!

For a fact, there are very clear ways that travel enhances us, even if it is travel for just a week or two, and even if the travel is “non-educational.”

How? You can read an in-depth explanation of 10 ways travel makes a person a better, happier teacher at this link, by a certain famous author.

So why do I bring this up now?

Because if you or anyone you know is looking for some inspiration and assistance regarding how teachers can travel or travelers can teach, I have the event for you:

Teaching Traveling Inspiration Night in Boston on March 31!

Free registration for this information-and-excitement-packed event is now OPEN at: and tickets are already going fast. During this event, aspiring teacher-travelers will get concrete information on how to find the money, time, and opportunities to make their travel dreams a reality, even if they’ve given up hope that it’s possible. (Yes, we will have speakers who have found ways to balance travel with caring for their children, or their small bank accounts, or their packed schedules!)

Me introducing the travel expert panel at MPG Boston!

Me introducing the travel expert panel at MPG Boston!

I first started scheming Teaching Traveling Inspiration Night back in September, when I coordinated the Boston chapter of the “Meet Plan Go” travel inspiration night. “Meet Plan Go” Boston was a fantastic success. We drew a crowd of 150 aspiring travelers and showed, through a superstar panel of speakers, informational handouts, and mingling time that there ARE ways to travel that EVERY person can afford, if you just know some secret strategies.

Here are just two of the many quotes celebrating that travel inspiration and instruction evening:

“The panelists represented so many different aspects of long term travel, from backpackers to expats, travel writers, teachers, and travel bloggers, but they all shared the common passion for getting out, following their dreams and seeing the world! As a Bostonian, let me add that this is a high-strung, cutthroat region of the country, where little matters more than academic and professional success. There aren’t a lot of people around here who would consider taking that leap to travel and to follow their dreams. It was exhilarating to meet so many inspiring people who are doing just that. Another great part was lingering after the panel, meeting people and trading travel tips. I left “Meet Plan Go” with a long list of recommended experiences for my upcoming trip to Southeast Asia!” Kate, from Boston (currently traveling in Laos!)

A few of the over 100 MPG guests learning about travel!

Over 100 MPG guests learned about cheap travel!

“Speaking on the panel at “Meet Plan Go” was a really special experience for us! We treasured meeting so many future travelers and creating new friendships with some of our fellow panelists. Seeing people in the audience nod in agreement to our ideas or laughing along at some of the stories we shared was really exciting. We absolutely adore inspiring other people to travel. And, of course, we had an awesome time listening to our fellow panelists share their travel stories too. It’s always neat to remember how much traveling connects us not only to the world, but also with fellow travelers. Our most favorite part of the evening was chatting with people during the mingling portions of the event. What an awesome group! It was exciting to be in a room full of people who are eager to follow their dreams, and our fingers are crossed that we helped inspire more people to discover their own travel story.”

Jessica and Tim (just back from South Africa!)

If you thought “Meet Plan Go” Boston was cool, then you know that Teaching Traveling Inspiration Night on 3/31 will be awesome as well! The evening will change minds and change lives… because when you connect teachers with the world, those teachers will bring the world to their students, and to their own hearts!

Change our world for the better: invite an aspiring teacher-traveler to Teaching Traveling Inspiration Night today! And for sure, contact me at WorldLillie [at] if you want to assist with the event or join our panel of speakers!


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Sunday 27th of March 2011

This article is very inspirational because it shows how you were ready to give up on teaching, but instead decided to take a break and travel the world to see "what is out there" and look at you know Ms. Marshall. You are right, You come in every day to our class room, energetic, passionate, excited and persperctive! Great decision Ms. Marshall. =)


Friday 11th of March 2011

Following your dreams is very important and it has led to good things for many successful people. This has happened for people like the creator of Boom Writer, many teachers, and famous celebrities.

Amelia Carlson

Tuesday 8th of March 2011

I love your inspirational quote on following your dreams. I wish I could go to all of these places and learn like you did. All of these articles are so interesting! Also the beach looks amazing. :)


Tuesday 8th of March 2011

I never knew teaching could be a fun career. Maybe teaching isn't so bad after all!


Thursday 3rd of March 2011

I believe that inspiration is everywhere and you just need to relax and live to find it. Sometimes when I write I have no inspiration, but when I think about the happy things in the past it all comes to my mind.

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