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The Best Sign Ever

The public bathrooms in Angkor Wat temple complex are some of the most luxurious in Asia. That is to say, they are not holes in the ground, but rather Western-style toilets that you sit on! Sometimes the seats are clean! They have toilet paper and soap! You still can’t throw the toilet paper in the bowl because the pipes can’t handle it (it goes in the trash can in the corner instead), but still– toilet paper! Woo hoo!

So, here’s the thing: apparently a bunch of Angkor Wat visitors are not used to such a toilet situation. Therefore, in front of every toilet in the temple complex, there is the following sign:

Let me translate this for you.

1. No smoking (easy)

2. Do not place your feet two feet in the air on the toilet bowl and squat on it like you’re over a hole in the ground, because you’re not.

3. Do not use the butt spray hose to spritz off your bare feet. It is strictly for butt use.

4. Do not take off all your clothes and start taking a full-body shower in the toilet stall using the scrappy removable shower head above the toilet.

Easy, right? :)

In other news, I love geckos.


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Tenaja W.

Wednesday 7th of January 2015

My favorite sign is: Do not use the butt spray hose to wash your bare feet. I find it that it's not ordinary as an American.

Sandy Ottenberg

Friday 31st of January 2014

love the signs. I have used the bathroom with just the hole in the floor on a few of our trips. horrible. thanks for sharing. we have mentioned we should write a book about bathrooms in other countries. to bad we did not take photos.


Thursday 29th of November 2012

Butt spray: HILARIOUS!


Thursday 22nd of March 2012

This article is hilarious! Thanks to your articles I know much more about toilets from around the world. :D

Jun Hao Lei

Wednesday 15th of February 2012

I read this while eating. This made me choke and now I am starting to think that eating and reading is bad together.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.