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The Hot Woman Fondle-Rob of Nha Trang

Let’s continue this groping theme for one more article, shall we? This time with a gender role flip!

Carey, a New Zealander who has been traveling the world for many months, sauntered home to his Nha Trang hotel late the other night. He had just had a riotously fun evening with friends at a beach cafe, and was ready for sleep.

Suddenly, a sexy Vietnamese woman blocked his path.

“Hello,” she said, “You want this?” She spread her arms and pointed at her body.

“Sheesh!” exclaimed Carey. “No thank you!” He walked past the woman.

In a moment, she was in front of him again. This time she lifted her shirt up to expose her bare chest. “You like these?” she leered, “These are pretty, yes? You want this?”

“Yikes, NO!” Carey hollered, shielding his eyes. He quickened his pace and pushed past the woman.

Then– gulp– he felt a hand reach around and firmly grasp his manly parts. “NO!” he shouted, but the woman’s tiny hands were all over, under, and around his husky form. “LEAVE ME ALONE!” he yelled.

At this point Carey broke into a run and made it back to his hotel. But when he opened his wallet to buy a water in the hotel lobby, he found it empty of its 200,000 Dong contents! Deft hands, that woman had.

I have literally heard seven other such stories from Western men who have visited Nha Trang. First there is a late-night proposition from a cute Vietnamese woman, then a hearty and persistent fondle while the man says “Stop!” and squirms away, and finally the gentleman finds his money, camera, or sometimes entire wallet missing once he reaches his hotel. Sneaky!

Now, Nha Trang is an extremely beautiful beach town, and I would still highly recommend it for an inexpensive, fun, lovely destination. Overall, in fact, the town has a miniscule incidence of violent crime, and overall is very safe.

That said, since the American G.I.’s sunned their war-weary selves here during the Vietnam War, prostitution– and the sneaky fondle-rob– have remained a Nha Trang feature. Keep those pockets zipped and those eyes alert!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.