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The Two Hundredth Article!

Today marks the TWO HUNDREDTH article of this Around the World blog!!!

I began writing on July 27, 2009, meaning I’ve posted an average of about one article per day for all these seven months. Oooh these insatiable fingers!

Anyway, hooray! May there be many more articles to come, and may there continue to be wonderful readers like YOU. Let us use this joyous landmark for an overview update!

A.) An Update on

1. According to the administrator of, this very website is now ranked 160th out of all the travel blogs on the web! If we can raise readership just a little more, we’ll make it onto the “Top 100 Travel Blogs” list that is published weekly!

This may seem like an empty quest for fame and glory, but the fact is that these two hundred searchable articles here DO contain information useful to educators, travelers, and folks who just like to read and learn about other countries.

In particular, I really want more folks to read about the wonderful work going on here at Youth Creating Change, Ghana. And finally, when one puts so much love and time into something, one wants it to fly far and wide!

2. This is all to say, I truly appreciate any and all efforts to share this site around, either though sending the web address to people you think might enjoy it, posting the link on your own website, or sharing it through Facebook, Twitter, or other hip online tools. We’re still hovering at around two hundred readers per day, which is fabulous, but a gal’s gotta dream big! Again, thanks for your publicity help, and thanks so much for reading!

B.) A Ghana Update:

1. Ghana is awesome, and I’m so happy to be here and to be working with Youth Creating Change!

2. My schedule for the next two months here at YCC, Sogakope is as follows:

a) Tuesdays and Thursdays: Life Story Writing class. The student articles should be posted on this website in the next few weeks, and they’re going to be great!

b) Wednesdays: Computer and Penpal classes. (World Teachers: There are still a few more slots to join our wonderful Ghana Penpal Exchange program! Email me!)

c) Saturdays and Mondays: Cross-Culture class to prepare the seventeen Ghanaian students traveling to London on a thrilling educational exchange for three weeks this August!

Also Saturdays: Two Reading classes.

Four times a week: Travel to each of YCC’s partner schools to assist in facilitating their YCC-sponsored Reading Clubs.

3. Of course, through all of this I will continue to write like crazy on this blog. We will likely also take several more YCC-led trips around other parts of Ghana, some with students in tow, so look forward to more articles on these other cities!

C.) An Update on Plans After Ghana:

1. At the very beginning of April I will fly into Madrid (sniff, sniff… I’ll miss Ghana!), where I will try to figure out what the heck to do with my life. Between April and May, I will be in Spain exploring job possibilities and eating blood sausage (that’s a typical Spanish food, right?).

2. From mid-May to late July, I will be back in Boston, teaching summer school, attending the Graduation of dear former eleventh grade students, and generally stockpiling money.

I’m not sure how I will feel in six months, but right now my goal is to find a (paying!) job outside of the U.S. for 2010-2011. If you have any leads as the months go on, I’d much appreciate you sending them my way!

D.) An Update on This Very Second:

1. This very moment in the YCC guesthouse in Ghana, there is a symphony outside. It consists of: the resounding voices and instruments of the church next door, two birds that sound like alarm clocks (“Beeep! Beep!”), a cocky rooster who woke up too late to crow at dawn and is trying to make up for it now, some goats bleating, and the clinking of plates as a generous volunteer readies breakfast. Beautiful! And also, yum yum. Off to eat!

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