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Want Eye Candy? Travel.

“Why do you reckon everyone backpacking in Thailand is so damn attractive?” asked the Scottish boy, slurping his mango juice and gesturing out along Sairee beach at the bodies dancing in the firelight.

Over vegetable spring rolls, we compiled the following list:

– From the other Scottish boy: “If you weigh fifty stone, you’re more likely just to sit at home and eat yer fish and chips, cause you’d not want to don a bathing suit.”

– If you travel, you likely have some money, and with more money you can take good care of your body, inside and out

– Pale British boy suggestion: “A good tan does wonders for a body”

– Perhaps to travel you need some inner vitality and spark, and that shines though on the face

– If you’re hot, you may be an egomaniac who wants to take the show on the road and do a sexiness world tour

– Similarly, if you’re hot, you may disdain all the Joes and Janes at home and want to search the earth for maximal hotness like yours

– Travel in developing countries is hard on the body, and thus you must be fit to endeavor it in the first place

– Folks here wear 5% of the clothes they wear at home, hence more fleshiness is exposed. Perhaps under all those North Face jackets at home, this same goodness lurks?

– Lack of stress smooths the skin. Moreover, Thai massages are $5 and hour, and touch makes skin glow.

In the end, though, maybe everyone, EVERYWHERE is hot, but when you travel, your senses are bursting alive. Traveling, all beauty you see is a million times more beautiful.

Sniffle... Travel breakups :(
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.