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What you see in hour 5 of Boston-California Flight

Flying over Nevada and Utah, you see a moonscape. Nothingness. Dry, crusty, brown-gray ripples of empty. This has always sent a sizzling thrill down my spine because in Boston, everything is built up, peopled, poofed out with trees. It’s colonized, utterly. But when you fly over the middle and West of our country you remember: there IS a lot of SPACE out here! Perspective.

All this is made much more dramatic by having taught “The Donner Party Story” in summer school last month and realizing that (amid feasting on each other’s flesh to stay alive in the freezing cold impasse), our American fore-people CROSSED all of this emptiness ON FOOT!


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Liz C. (Koraliz)

Saturday 15th of October 2011

That picture looks so boring. On my 4 hour flight to Puerto Rico, I almost died of boredom. I tried playing with my Nintendo, writing in my journal, eating but NOTHING killed the boredom. Everytime I checked my watch, not even a minute passed by! I went on the plane alone to visit next to two guys. I went to visit my dad and his family because a couple months before, my dad went to Puerto Rico on vacation and I hadn't seen him. When I finally got off, I saw my dad standing there and I jumped in his arms. I started crying from joy. I love my dad. Can you believe that we saw a latin celebrity? But we just passed him without an autograph or anything. In Puerto Rico, a lot of people don't care. But now my dad went back to Puerto Rico and I haven't seen him since before school and I call him everyday telling him to come back here.


Saturday 15th of October 2011

Powerful story, Liz! Thanks for sharing it!

Xiu Na

Monday 20th of June 2011

The photo is really pretty and although I have been on an airplane before, it was not an experience that I remember since I was only three years old. I hope I would be able to travel on an airplane again so I would be able to remember the experience and I think i will see the would as a bigger place after going on an airplane because I imagine that I would be able to see many things that I can't see from the ground.

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