Apr 012010
Whirlwind Day: 4 Countries in 35 Hours and 1,514 New Readers

I nearly fainted right there in the Madrid airport when my G-mail Inbox flickered open and I saw its contents.

Fifteen hours earlier, I had flown out of West Africa, leaving behind my beloved friends and coworkers at Youth Creating Change of Ghana after three stunning months. The flight from Accra to Frankfurt was six and a half hours and I slept for a groggy three. My layover in Germany [...Read More!]

Mar 302010
Ghana-Germany-Spain-Portugal in 24 Hours... and a Great Dress!

As you read this pre-programmed post, I am jetting from Ghana to Germany to Spain to Portugal over the course of twenty-four hours. Woo hoo!

Thus we launch the Iberian Adventure chapter of this Around the World journey. This will be my last phase of travel before I fly home to Boston in May… to scheme how to fly out again in August!

Though I will be writing extensively about Spain [...Read More!]

Mar 262010
Fun Ghana Vocabulary, Part Two

You liked Part One of Ghanaian Vocabulary Fun so much that you demanded a second installment. So without further ado, here is…

Entertaining and Surprising Ghanaian Phrases, Part Two!

1.) “I was running.” – This does not mean that the person was going for a healthy sprint to stay in shape. No– it means they had raging diarrhea!

Ex:“Sorry I couldn’t come to class… I was running and didn’t want to leave the washroom.” [...Read More!]

Mar 232010
Increasing Fame For This Site! Woo hoo!

In exactly one week, to the hour, my flight will be soaring out of Accra, Ghana and into breezy Iberia. Oh, the waterfall of emotions evoked by this thought!

After three months working in this small town in Ghana, will I be simply thrilled to stride the breezy streets of Spain without small children screaming: “White woman! Yevuuu!” every step of the way? Or will I immediately collapse into a [...Read More!]

Mar 222010
How I Offended an Entire Class Through Cultural Ignorance

“We would like to present you with a gift,” said Madam Yvonne breathlessly over the phone, “to say thank you for teaching in our school these past three months! Please stop by our school anytime today.”

“Sounds great!” I said. So after our banku with palmnut soup lunch, and after hacking open coconuts with a machete to drink the water and scoop out the meat for dessert, Oliver and I [...Read More!]

Mar 202010
My Scariest Moment in Ghana

I sat bolt upright in bed, heart thumping, breath gasping, straining to see into the darkness in the direction of the voice.

Had it just been a bad dream? It had been such a terrifying phrase! I listened again, shaking.

Silence… Heat… The whirl of the ceiling fan…

And then suddenly, there it was again: a horrid, deep, rasp right outside my window. “I AM COMING FOR YOU,” it [...Read More!]

Mar 172010
An AMAZING Food Secret. Try It!

Your mother will be furious at what I’m about to reveal to you. For years, she tried to turn you into a refined Etiquette Eddie or Edna, drilling in Good Table Manners and shaking her head, “NO!” at such disgusting offenses as playing with your food.

Well, what you are about to learn will topple the foundations of your Good Table Manners forever.

Here’s the secret: Food tastes twenty times better when [...Read More!]

Mar 092010
Sick and Reflecting During Long-Term Travel

Yesterday I had a freakish fever that sucked all the strength from my limbs and reeled my head with a dizzy swirl.

I tried to eat but couldn’t. “HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME?!” Millicent the melodramatic cook wailed.

“It’s not personal, honest!” I croaked out while Millicent sniffled back tears.

I tried to help John teach Cross-Culture class, but after five minutes of drooping in a fetal position on a plastic [...Read More!]

Mar 062010
Independence, Development, and a School Toilet

Happy fifty-third Ghanaian Independence Day!!!

Though Ghana was the first country in Sub-Saharan Africa to declare its independence from colonial rule, having a “birth date” of 1957 still makes Ghana a relatively young nation.

In contrast, my natal country of America declared its independence in 1776. This may be one reason I’ve been thinking a ton lately about how countries at different stages of “development” compare. But sometimes it’s hard [...Read More!]

Mar 022010
Courage's Article: A Pregnant Teen

Article #14 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project A Teen Girl Who Became Pregnant Out of Curiosity By Adjei Courage, Age 18Who is to blame for teen girls getting pregnant?

When the disobedient girl who stayed with my mother became pregnant, I pondered this question a great deal.

One early Tuesday morning, my mother woke up only to realize that her sister’s daughter was still in a strange mood. [...Read More!]