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20 Pregnancy Stories and New Mom Tales to Make You Feel Less Alone

Creating And Raising a Baby is a Wild Ride!

On my seven year anniversary of becoming pregnant with our firstborn child, I find myself thinking deeply about all that we women experience in the world of fertility, pregnancy, and new motherhood. 

Now, to be clear, I’m NOT thinking about this because we are planning on a third child (NOOO!!! I can barely handle two!) but rather because I know several people close to me who are in the process of trying to get pregnant, or are deep in the learning that comes with a newborn baby.

Pregnancy stories and new mom and newborn baby articles
Travel to the world of pregnancy and baby!

It all made me realize that I have never before put together all the articles I’ve written on the topic into an organized resource. This is particularly shocking because do you know what the #1 most popular article of all time is on this here travel blog? It’s my “Strange Pregnancy Symptoms” article, which just passed 95,800 reads today!

Who knew that the most read post on a travel blog would be about the journey to… motherhood?! Now without further ado I give you this list of helpful pregnancy and new baby articles which I hope you’ll forward to anyone who could benefit from them.

Pregnancy Stories and New Mom Tales

Being pregnant is strange, funny, confusing, and weird. These stories will make you feel less alone in the odd things that happen to a body while growing life.

In the second half of the list, you'll learn tips and advice about the "Fourth Trimester" or newborn stage, including tales of nursing non-stop, getting a first passport, dividing chores with a partner, and travel with baby!

We Are NOT Meant to Create and Raise Life ALONE.

I’m sharing these articles with you today because it’s hard enough to be pregnant and raise young children — blessing though it is — but it’s even harder to do it in isolation. We need to know that others have gone through similar wild and crazy things, and that we are not alone!

Please use these articles for a laugh, for concrete advice, and to feel better, but please also reach out to others in your community, family, and online for the support that every single one of us needs to powerfully move through this massive set of transitions.

Pregnancy stories and new mom and newborn baby articles to make you smile and feel less alone!
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From Tricks to Get Pregnant, to Gender Swaying…

It was my community that got me through every aspect of pregnancy and new motherhood, and I send them my deepest thanks now. Sometimes it’s the most random and peripheral community members that give the most impactful tips.

For getting pregnant, it was the friend of a friend who taught me about the FertilityFriend app and the paper and digital ovulation tests (affiliate link there) which helped pinpoint the 3-5 days a month that a gal is actually fertile. It was a fellow blogger who tipped me off to the the best acupuncture and womb masseuse (yes, Mayan womb massage exists, and is excellent) for trying to conceive — all of which I’m convinced worked together for success.

One of the biggest surprises came from the sister of a friend who overheard me wondering about the tricks to naturally getting pregnant with a girl, and tipped me off to the famous book on “gender swaying” by doctor Shettles (check it out at the affiliate there). I can’t guarantee the results for others, but I will say that after doing everything in the book, we were indeed able to have a girl! And a girl as stubborn as her Mama, at that.

Miracles of the Human Body and Spirit.

There has been so much about the journey through pregnancy and motherhood which has astounded me. On one hand, it’s felt shocking and jarring how much people didn’t tell me about what I would encounter. On the other hand, what a miracle to learn of previously unknown superpowers of one’s own body, and to experience the support of community when it appears.

What’s YOUR Experience with Pregnancy and Motherhood?

In the comments below, I would love if you would share anything that has stood out to you on your own fertility, pregnancy, and new parent voyage. Each of us has SUCH a different story, and I would love to hear yours!

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